Welcome to PWAP'S website!
Our website address has changed. 
Please visit our new website:  puppieswithaplan.org
or our facebook fanpage:  PWAP:  Puppies with a Plan
for the most updated PWAP information.

  We are a group of volunteers from Fresno and Madera Counties who raise puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We meet three Tuesday evenings a month within the Fresno and Clovis area to socialize and work on training and obedience exercises with our puppies.
We always welcome new volunteers who maybe interested in puppy raising or puppy sitting.  If you'd like to attend one of our meetings to find out more about what we do please email us at puppieswithaplan@yahoo.com or go to
Guide Dogs for the Blind at www.guidedogs.com for more information.
Schroeder finished his physical therapy at GDB and is now
home with Emily & Meghan and enjoying his new role as a pet!
Danvers graduated as a Guide Dog from the Oregon Campus
 on April 7th!!!!  He and his new partner will be living in Montreal, Canada.
Teesha has been career changed and has  been adopted by her raisers.
Hank will be transferring to Alicia as of 05/20/12. 
 He will be the first puppy that she will raise.
Annual Ferry Ride to San Francisco - July 24, 2011
PWAP Pups Left to Right (Snyder, Teesha, Schroeder, Lance, Tippin & Hilly)
Not Pictured - Danvers, Luther & Peabody
Fun Day - July 23, 2011
PWAP Pups Left to Right (Teesha, Snyder, Lance, Schroeder, Stuart & Hilly)
Not Pictured - Tippin, Danvers, Luther & Peabody
Amtrak Train Ride to Hanford - June 12, 2011
PWAP Pups - Luther, Stuart, Schroeder, Teesha, Tippin, Danvers & Hilly
Tulare Tailwaggers Pups - Cashew & Leroy
Blind Babies Beeper Egg Hunt - April 9th, 2011
PWAP, Tulare Tailwaggers, Lemoore FFA & Fresno Farsighted
Handy Ride Paratransit Bus Trip - January 04, 2011
PWAP pups left to right:  Danvers, Kendrick, Luther,
Rocco, Amici & Lance (not pictured - Pauli & Rockford)

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