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Top 5 Dog Silencers 2017

When comparing the top 5 Dog Silencers we look at the following dog silencers.
  1. Good Life Dog Silencer 
  2. PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control
  3. Guardian Bark Control
  4. Bark Stop Pro
  5. Viatek Super Bark Stop
Here are the results that we found for the five (at the time) best dog silencers on the market

The aim of the comparison was to see of any of the items were in direct comparison to Goodlife Dog Silencer when it came to stopping our dogs from barking and those of our neighbours , and as you can see form the above chart they are not :


When looking at the Dog Silencer from Goodlife be sure to review the accessories that help us to make the item invisible to our dogs and the neighbours. The still have to figure out why there dog is no longer barking all day.