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Dog Silencer Accessories

In buying your initial Canine Silencer you will have to think about where it is best suited to be positioned when considering the pets barking that is bothersome you whether its your personal pet dog barking or that of your own as well as a neighbors. 

The Accessories shown listed below are available at the primary site merely click the buy now as well as it will take you guide to the website - giving you a possibly lower price and the 45 day guarantee.

Mount w/ Pan & Tilt - NEW! Perfect for mounting your Dog Silencer on fences, decks, trees, walls, posts and much more. Price: $9.95c   Extra Remote Control Give one to your spouse or roommate, or keep one as a spare. Price: $9.95c

Snap-on Faceplate Singles -  NEW! Blend in almost anywhere with Tan, Matte White, Camouflage, Brick, and Tree Bark options.

   Price: $9.95c

    Pattern Faceplate 3-Pack  (SAVE 40%!) Includes Camouflage, Brick, and Tree Bark to blend in almost anywhere.
 Price: $17.95c