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Bark Collars

Over the last few months we have received another dog to bring our list to two (Fred and Sasha) both mixers with a labrador poodle flavour. 

This has led us to start fully investigating the role that Barking and the training not to bark plays in every household.we already have a problem with our neighbours dogs and off course Fred who decides that he is a part of the choir from time to time. 

This has led us to sorting out a number of options , some we have had a look at in the past and others we are looking at for the first time.  Remembering that we are chasing the moon on this and that we want not only to quite our two but to deal with the local dogs as well if that is at all possible.

We have actually published some findings at our new website at http://barkcollars.puppiesonlineshop.com and over the next few pages we will be providing some answers and the assessments or review that we have completed .

Remember we have a set criteria and we have listed some of them below.

1. Get both our dogs trained in obedience, discipline and house management.
2. Get them to stop barking at shadows and flowers/leaves
3. Get control of them when external dogs bark
4. Quite the street dogs when we are all at home
5. Handle the barking outside of the home on walks and during training sessions.

Do it all for less than $250 usd

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