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Keep The Wolf From The Door

This show was created between Puppets wildart, a painter Jaime Valtierra
a mime artist Madalena and a circus performer Virginia Gamboa .

We have been working together to explore the relation and the possibilities of mixing shadow puppetry and other arts. The Knowledge of each one has expanded greatly the possibilities of the performance.

The show did its first appearance in the Boom Festival in Portugal for the full moon of Augost 2008.


 Trasteando was founded in 2006 by Andres Anguita and Alberto San Andres to make new plays with puppets for adult audiences. Trasteando aims to challenge people's attitudes to puppetry, seeing puppetry as a radical part of the reinvention of theatre in our time. Their puppets are modern and their shows tackle contemporary issues that concern us.

Trasteando had recently join forces with the musician Cementimental, in charge of the live soundtrack (www.cementimental.com)

“InnerSpace” was presented at Shunt Lounge from 16th-19th January 2008 as part as the program of The London Mime Festival. “InnerSpace” also has been performed at the Collision festival in London and in the First International Puppetry Festival of Guadalajara (Spain), with a tremendous impact in the audience.

ABOUT THE SHOW INNERSPACE is based on how the human body react with the presence of a disease. Most of the play happens in the inner space (cell view) showing how the body discover the illness and how the body reacts to it. The performance will be a puppet and object animation production using different elements as electro-acoustic music, shadow puppets, rod and hand puppets.