From the imaginations of Ryan and Terry Dunbrack


Punxsie Vision is the collective creative works of Ryan Dunbrack and Terry Dunbrack.  The goal of this site is to put our projects from youtube and elsewhere on one site.

What you will find

Currently, Punxsie Vision is loaded with Beyblade videos, Gaming News and our puppet show, Starving Nation.  Over the next few months we hope to expand to include a couple new shows and our own music.
Our Beyblade videos include Beyblade unboxings, homemade Beyblade stadiums and Beyblade battles whether they are comparative battles or something along the lines of our 2013 Summer Beyblade Torunament.  In the fall, we are hoping to start running our own Beyblade tournaments so stay tuned for upcoming events.
Punxsie Vision Game Chats occur fairly regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays and cover all aspects of gaming.  We aim to bring the most up to date gaming news as well as anything else we find exciting in the world of video games.
Starving Nation, paper bag idiots created by real life idiots, is a paper bag puppet show we do on the Starving Nation channel on youtube.  It was generally used to help us understand all aspects of how to put together a show from the writing and storyboarding straight through to editing.  The show has been temperarily on hold while working on the Beybladedragooncity channel on youtube and that time has allowed us to finally figure out how to format the videos to eliminate those stupid black bars that surround most of the episodes. 
Music on the shows are created by Terry Dunbrack under the guise of his fictional band "The Wingy Thingies" which is mainly just his fiddling around with instruments and recording dodads to create something that resembles, oh shall we say, sound - to put it nicely.