AC/DC tribute

They say a New Album's coming...


AC/DC is my favorite band.  Why? Because of the music they make, and because of the energy I get after I see them on concert, live, or on a DVD. I’ve never did cocaine, but people who have, told me that after that they feel like they can do anything, they feel full of energy, strong etc. This is exactly the way I feel after 2 hours of AC/DC live! Now and then I love to play some of their DVD’s on a big screen, and the power and energy which radiates out of it is simply incredible! At the end, I feel as if I can go through walls and do anything, it’s amazing!

I cannot say that I am one of those crazy fans, who would follow the band, try to collect anything and everything about them etc. I do have all their discography, I do keep few music magazines with interviews, and about once each two months I look at their official web pages to see if a new album is about to come out. Few days ago a friend send me a link to their page where it said a new album is due this year. I can only hope this is true, as I really would love to hear some new stuff from them. I still remember back in 2000, driving like crazy to my local music shop to get Stiff Upper Lip before it is finished. It’s a great feeling!

I love their particularity, music-wise. You cannot mistake them for anyone else. And what is more, they manage to keep their style unchanged all these years. And this does not mean that they sound the same! Oh, NO! I heard many people saying the usual bullshit, about their songs being basically the same. That’s simply not true. People like that most probably never listened carefully to AC/DC. Every time I get a new tape, and now a CD, I take a drive and listen to the album in my car. I listen to each song many times until I am satisfied, until I can get it all. There is no way one could claim they sound the same.

Each album is very different from another, although all of them keep the general AC/DC framework, which is great. It means no nasty surprises, no modern crap! AC/DC have their own style and it could rightly be named after them, as it is hard boogie rock, but their own invention, they were the pioneers of it if you like. Ever since, many bands try to sound like them, and there is nothing wrong with that. I remember Jackyl when it came out early 1990’s, I still buy their stuff, I like it, it is close to AC/DC and this is something I like.

With the new technology arriving, now I have an MP3 player in my car, so every now and then I love to spend few hours in front of the PC building up my own AC/DC play list. I cannot say that they have good or bad albums. Many claim that mid 1980’s were bad years for AC/DC, but these people are fools. How can alums such as Flick of the Switch, Fly on the Wall, and Blow up Your Video be bad? I would say that Fly on the Wall would be even a better album, if someone took the time to remix it, and get rid off the extra echo, get it drier so to speak, it would rock even harder! Flick of the Switch is just perfect, it is what it says it is, I mean you get the shock while you listen to it, great album! And Blow up Your Video is simply a classic! This is a GREAT album period! Sound-wise, mix-wise, and the songs are amazing. The slower songs such as Two’s up are also simply mind-blowing, excellent!

So, every time I sit down to create my own play list, it takes me hours, I listen and cannot decide, which song should go after which song.

I love to mix Bon and Brian era songs one after the other. You get a T.N.T. or High Voltage blast and then you move on to Let Me Put My love into you or Spellbound, WOW, what a combination! I just love it!

Anyways, I decided to write those lines after learning about the upcoming new album, in hope that maybe some of the AC/DC guys will read it. So, if you do, let me personally THANK YOU for all those years of incredible music, recorded and live. Keep on rocking as long as you feel you want to, I and million others will be there to fully enjoy it and appreciate it! And those who don’t like it can go f*** themselves!


Well, here it is finally: Black Ice!!! Yes, the new AMAZING album by AC/DC.  15 tracks of pure AC/DC rock 'n' roll, each and every a great one.  I'd say they really really took their time this time, and the result is outstanding. The mixing is also out of this world, better than I'd ever expected.  It's been only 48 hours since I've been listening to it, but so far I must say this album makes me think of each and every album they ever released! Seriously, one track makes me think of For Those About to Rock, another of Back in Black, a third of Dirty Deeds, etc. The balance between roughness and melody in this album is just right! One thing that I really find somewhat sounding more lively is the drums of Phil Rudd, the more opened hi-hat does miracles with some of the tracks. Well, what can I say, except: THANK YOU AC/DC for giving us such a fantastic album!!! Cannot wait to see you live in Europe next year! Rock on! :)


Wow, they came and they rocked the hell out of Sofia on this 14 May 2010! Thank You AC/DC! It was a great concert. Stadium was full, lots of beer and lots of BBQ, lots of people and lots of great time with AC/DC. I had my 60's DDR-made binoculars, a gift from my grandma, and I enjoyed a first row show! Angus went wild on Let there be Rock, where does he find the energy to do all that, still, and at his age! I was amazed! There was a cool group of hard core Australian fans walking around Sofia, with an Australian - 'accadacca' flag, lots of Greeks and ex-Yugoslavians too.  It was a long wait, I wanted to see AC/DC downtown Sofia since I was a kid, and now my dream finally came through! Thanks again guys, and cannot wait to see you again! Rock on! :)