It's Punkalunka* Time!

Christmas 2000

This web page is about Grant Munsey (1948-2005) and Sandy LaFave, his wife (me). Grant became ill in late March 2001. He had brain-stem encephalitis, a rare complication of what began as an ordinary flu. As a result he was comatose for eight weeks, and then completely disabled (quadriplegic) for the rest of his life.   
Grant died December 25, 2005.

More about Grant

While Grant was ill, several email lists were created to disseminate information about Grant's condition and (at first) to coordinate visiting. One list was at Adobe Systems, where Grant worked.  Grant's dad maintained a list, and I did also.  I sent updates to everyone on these lists. Here are the updates in chronological order:

Download videos from Grant's memorial (Feb. 2, 2006)

Grant at Care Meridian, Gilroy (remarkable, sad picture)

Grant and his parents April 2003

Photo of Fearless FiFi LaFave, often mentioned in the updates

Sandy's Philosophy Course Materials

Grant Munsey Memorial Music Endowment

*Grant named one of his computers "punkalunka". We also used it as a term of endearment.

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