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American Gods - Neil Gaiman

1Q84 - Haruki Murakami

I became a big fan of Murakami after I discovered 'The Windup Bird Chronicle'. Murakami has a very detailed, leisurely style of writing, but not for a second do you feel the pace let up. One of the bigger feats of this book was that the story stayed connected given that it sprawled across 1000+ pages of words. But this is the magic of Murakami, he holds your attention and leads you through a story with many different layers and fantastical elements with ease.

Can a world have two moons? If so, is it the parallel world or the real world. Is it just me who sees the moons or are there others who can too? Something about the Japanese environment lends itself beautifully to horror and dark surreal thrillers. 1Q84 is quite a ride. What started as a mysterious thriller actually turned out to be a beautiful love story. In fact, one can draw parallels between this book and the fantastic "Shadow of the Wind". Both involved a book, both had a very dark element to it, both were love stories. And both are fantastic reads. 

Secret Daughter - Soumya Gowda


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