Dr. Punit Singh

Assistant Professor

Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore – 560012, India
Ph: (Off.)  +91 802293 2623,
(Mobile)    +91 9483 0181 02
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NEWS and Latest Events

  • Jun '16: Grant for the Development of a high efficiency, high pressure ratio 'Micro Steam Power Pump Block' of 100 kW capacity, 208 Lakhs from MHRD and MoP, Triveni Turbines under the scheme, Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana.

  • Jul '16: Mr. David and Mr. Ravi Singh have joined the Turbomachinery group for their PhD studies along with Mr. Vijayraj and Mr. Sarthak Sharma both from Mecheng.

  • Jan '17: Grant sanctioned from DHI, MoC. for smart submersible pump for high speed application in collaboration with pump industry (82 lakhs) 

  • Feb '17: Looking to build a research team. Refer to file in attachment for applying