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Our Friendship Charter

Guidelines & Objectives

The group has been formed by Golfers from Pune with common interests who love golf and want to play the game in enjoyable manner.These guidelines and objectives are made just to bring about some order and process in the way we operate.

1. Founding Members

The group has been formed with similar thinking people who love golf and want to play the game in enjoyable manner. A The founding members are Bala, Rao, Vivek, Parimal, Gobind, Mr. Lal, Rajiv Bajaj and Anant Pandit.

All other fellow associate members have been introduced by any one of the founding members.

B Founding member status is void if any permanent member discontinues or breaks  the membership. 

C If any founding members discontinues and later again rejoins the group, they will need to renew the membership for a minimum 3 three subsequent years before the founding members decide in majority to recommend the founder member status back to the member.

Any associate member on continuous renewal for membership for 5 years will automatically become a founding member.

2. New Members

Since we want like minded friends each new members will be introduced by any two founding members along with any two other associate members.

The new members will need to pay the membership introduction fee for the first year before they can be invited to participate in any of the group’s tournaments or dinners.

3. Membership Fees

Since this is a fun and non profit group, all fees collected go into golf expenses of the group including joining mementoes, tournament trophies, participation gifts, etc.  All these fees collected are non refundable.

A The current first year fees and  renewal fees per year thereafter will be decided from time to time. The annual renewal fees will be collected from the 1st week of April for the next 12 months.

B The founding members can decide and change this at the beginning of each golfing year which is currently ends on 31st of March each year.

All members are expected to play the game in true spirit, have a positive attitude and be a teambuilder. Members are expected to adhere to golfing etiquettes. Any member raking up disputes, continuously bickering about other members, having an erratic behavior, creating tension and actions not conducive to the spirit of the group will be asked to leave the group.

4. Management Committee

The group encourages participation by all associate members in group’s activity and wants each member to contribute in making the activities different and enjoyable.

Founding members in majority will announce a 3 member management committee consisting of 1 founder member and 2 associate members for each quarter.

The management committee is responsible for organizing the next 3 months activities for outstation games, regular club tournaments, dinners, participation gifts, tournament trophies, etc.

The management committee can designate any other associate member to handle the monthly dinner as it is a more individual activity.

5. Tournaments

To have monthly tournaments with varying formats which will facilitate a

competitive environment within the group and will give a chance for different members to play with / against each other. This would also enable to understand the level of each persons game. Trophies / Prizes would be awarded to the top performers to felicitate their achievements and motivate them to perform better.

The management committee can decide the format of the game, the types of gifts and prizes, the rules and they can referee in event of any disputes.

For every tournament any one of the management committee member can be the match referee.

The tournaments are conducted where scores can be  recorded by individuals themselves. This is a fun tournament and we respect each other for the scores recorded. It is important that the scores need to be communicated to the tournament referee for that tournament and any decision taken by the tournament referee relating to the winners, runners up, etc for that tournament will be final.

It is desirable that all members join the monthly tournament if they are in town that day as this is the essence of the group - to play together.  On the same lines after the tournament it is encouraged that all the members relax and have refreshments together, tally the scores, congratulate the winner after the tournament before dispersing for the day. 

In event that there are no more than 6 members playing for any given tournament, the committee can cancel the monthly tournament or dinner.

6. Dinner

To have monthly/quarterly dinners with/ without family in order to share views, knowledge/experiences on matters related / unrelated to golf and also to decide future course of action for further golfing events. The dinners would also enable a bonding between members / families outside the golfing arena.

The management committee can decide the venue and schedule of the dinners and all the members who are in town are requested to attend.

In event there are no more than 6 members, the committee can decide to cancel that monthly dinner.

7. Outstation Tournaments

The group enjoys to play in other different courses in India and Abroad and

there is no compulsion of participation in such events. 

Separate kitty will be made for each outstation event and the groups kitty will not be used for such events.

8. Merchants Cup

Starting the coming year every year the group will nominate one team of Pune Golf Lover team consisting of two people for the Pune Club’s Merchants cup. The budget for this will be reserved for this event.

The top two members with maximum wins in the groups tournaments will be automatically selected to represent the group for the merchants cup.

Internal tournament winners from April – Feb will be counted and automatically nominated.

9. Treasurer

 The group treasurer will be decided by the majority of founding members to continue for  a period of 1  year and can be renewed / changed by the founding members.

10. Mailing groups

Currently, every member is allowed to relay to the whole group and it is recommended that only golf and related emails be circulated to the group.

The mails can be up to the point, polite and follow simple mail etiquette of using sentence case (Not FULL CAPS). Mails that are offensive, derogatory and contain personal remarks to individual members in any manner are against the spirit of the group. Members are expected to keep information / email-ids / contact nos. confidential, avoid spamming of email-inboxes, etc.

The Mailing group moderator  will be decided by the founding members  for

a period of 1 year and  the moderator has the right to warn, block or remove any member from the groups mailing list if he finds that any member continues to be uncooperative. 

11. Termination/Suspension of Membership

Groups fabric are the members and the spirit with which this group has been launched. In circumstances where any member is found unsuitable for the group, the founding members along with the current management committee in majority can decide to terminate/suspend any associate membership.

12. Changes to these Guidelines

Founding members along with the current management committee in majority can at any time change and modify these guidelines and objectives. Founding members reserve the rights to alter, change and delete any part of this fun charter at any time.