Puneet Singhal
Software Engineer, Bito Robotics, Inc.
E-mail: puneetatpks@gmail.com


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Projects Highlights:


Jenga Tower using 5 DOF manipulator - Hebi X series actuator


GOAT - Hopping monopod at Biorobotics Lab (CMU)

Tele-operation through Brain Machine Interface

Assistive robot using Series Elastic Actuators (SEA)


Cart-Pole Feedback control for unstable position


ORB tracking of play station camera mounted on snake robot

I am a software engineer at Bito Robotics, Inc. Personally, I love coding and exploring new skills. Professionally, I am passionate about leading teams and developing software.

I finished my masters degree with Carnegie Mellon University. My research focus was in Robot planning systems and understanding kinematics/dynamics of non-linear systems. At CMU, I was a graduate researcher at Biorobotics Lab, Robotics Institute (CMU)

Before coming to US to pursue masters degree, I worked with Procter and Gamble (India) as Project manager and Process Engineer. In my Project manager assignment, I worked with vendors on design and development of Low Cost Automation Solution. I was also working with P&G's Central Engineering team in upgrading all the high safety risk machines (22 machines) in plant to meet Category 3+ standard. 

I received my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on various problems like
  • Design and optimization of Delta Robot
  • Design of engine Intake system for Formula SAE Car to compete at Formula Student UK (Silverstone) 2009. I also got the chance to drive the car on Formula 1 track as lead driver.

I am open for full time opportunities. I am interested in controls (experienced with PID controllers, LQR controllers, trajectory Optimization), software development (C++) and path planning (localization and mapping).