Puneet Singhal
Graduate Researcher, Biorobotics Lab,
Robotics Institute,
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA)

E-mail: puneetatpks@gmail.com



Projects Highlights:


Jenga Tower using 5 DOF manipulator - Hebi X series actuator


GOAT - Hopping monopod at Biorobotics Lab (CMU)

Tele-operation through Brain Machine Interface

Assistive robot using Series Elastic Actuators (SEA)


Cart-Pole Feedback control for unstable position


ORB tracking of play station camera mounted on snake robot

I am currently a graduate researcher at Biorobotics Lab, Robotics Institute (CMU). My research is focused on developing a new leg topology (GOAT Leg) for legged robots. Using GOAT leg, a robot will be able to dexterously change directions without having it to move around a curvature. My current focus in this research is to design different controllers for various tasks. I have successfully implemented PD controller on current leg and demonstrated vertical and 2-D jumps (on a boom). I have also implemented virtual model control (creating a virtual spring between hip and foot). The spring damper model is implemented in all three Spherical coordinates resulting in stable gait. This controller has again been demonstrated on 1D and 2D jumps.  I am also working with Matlab Simulink to implement different controllers before implementation on physical leg.

Before starting my masters program, I worked with Procter and Gamble (India) as Project manager and Process Engineer
. In my Project manager assignment, I worked with vendors on design and development of Low Cost Automation Solution. I was also working with P&G's Central Engineering team in upgrading all the high safety risk machines (22 machines) in plant to meet Category 3+ standard.

I received my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on various problems like
  • Design and optimization of Delta Robot
  • Design of engine Intake system for Formula SAE Car to compete at Formula Student UK (Silverstone) 2009. I also got the chance to drive the car on Formula 1 track as lead driver.

I am currently looking for internship opportunity, for summer 2017. I am very interested in design problems (Solidworks), Controls (experienced with PID controllers, LQR controllers, trajectory Optimization), software development (C++) and path planning (localization and mapping).