मुख्य पान


·  You think 'Mutha nala' & ' Sambhaji Park ' as nature.    

·  . You say "GAON"(Village), and expects everyone to know that this mean "ABC(Appa Balvant Chowk)or all PETHS".   

·  You wear blazer, tie, goggle and shoes on M-80 

·  . You think PMT is GOD even though it makes at least 1 accident       everyday, pollutes 25% of pune and it is the main reason for all  TRAFFIC JAMS.      

·    You spend more time each month in restaurants or eating wadapav than   you spend at home.      

·  You can have only puneri friends who speaks in SHUDDHA MARATHI and   thinks that all others are tapori     

·  You use "Bawalat"(Stupid) & "Popat"(foolish) as your pet words.      

·  Only in Pune you would find people going to chaturshingi temple for  sitting with girlfriend      

·    You call a traffic police as "MAMA" and expect out-of-towners to   understand that.     

·  You compare "KOTHRUD and AUNDH",to New York 's Manhattan instead of any other place.      

·  Saturday and Sundays breakfast,lunch and dinner you take on J   MRoad/Vaishali     

·    The most frequently used part of your car is the "Brake" and   silenser(for pollution).    

·   . You do each and every fast but will eat KHICHADI,Fruits, milk product,sweets and SABUWADA in hotels/office/home  wo bhi "PETBHARKE"( that also stomach full feast on a fasting day)     

·  On Road You never overtake from right.     

·  You will stop your bicycles in the middle of road for chatting with  you friends as if you are sitting in restaurants    

·   Everyday you will say "PUNE AADHI ASE NAVHATE"(Pune was never like this)     

·  You will take lunch and dinner in hotels on DASRA or DIWALI holidays     

·  You never try to cook festival sweets at home like (Puranpoli),for that you are dependant on Chitale or Kaka halwai sweet shops. 

·  You have 'Animal park'(Peshawe Bagh),.but the animals are 'Two-legged'.     

·   On weekends you will be spotted on either sinhgarh or panshet      




Code of Conduct for Puneri people...

पुणेरी माणसाला पुणेरी मराठीच समजते. म्हणून मानवीय स्रोत विभागाने (Human Resources Department) सर्व सूचना पुणेरी मराठीतून द्याव्यात अशी आमची विनंती आहे. काही उदाहरणे देत आहोत . 

पुणेकराकडून पुणेकरांसाठी

Please do not use reception areas and lobbies for reading newspapers, chit-chatting or for having snacks

.............. रिसेप्शन हे सार्वजनिक वाचनालय नाही. कामाखेरीज तेथे बसू नये .

Avoid occupying meeting rooms and lobbies for personal telephone calls

.......... ह्या खोल्यांवर पैसा कामासाठी खर्च केला आहे. तुमच्या गप्पांसाठी नाही

Restrain yourself from barging into the elevators without allowing those inside to step out first

............... ही लिफ़्ट आहे. लोकल ट्रेन नाही. सुटली तरी चालेल .

Please don't use the same elevator in case the same is being used by an associate along with client

............... ग्राहक देवो भव. तुमचा पगार ह्यांच्याकडून येतो. कंपनी खिशातून काही देत नाही .

Avoid speaking in regional languages within the office premises

.............. गावच्या गप्पा घरी !

Please do not leave behind used tea cups or glasses in break out areas. Please deposit the same in appropriate areas. If you smoke, please ensure to extinguish cigarettes and throw the matches or cigarette buds only into ash pans provided for

............... ही जागा तुमधे तीर्थरूप येऊन साफ़ करत नाहीत. जर तुम्ही चैतन्य काडी चा वापर करत असाल तर तिचे बूड विझवायल विसरू नका. ते कोपऱ्यातले पॅन्स शोभेचे नाहीत . गुमान बूड त्याच्यातच विझवा. ऑफ़िसचा मालक तुमचा बाप नाही .

When in office keep the ring tone of the cell phone low or silent. Please avoid having fancy ring tones when in the office

............. शांतता राखा. हे ऑफ़िस आहे. तमाशाचा फ़ड नाही.

Please keep a check on the noise levels in the pantries

............ संयमाने आणि हळू बोला. आपले पूर्वज माकड असले तरी आपण आता माणसं आहोत.