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Free English Punctuation Guide. English Punctuation Rules. Learn English Punctuation. Learn English punctuation and be able to to perform an English  punctuation check. Welcome to the Free English Punctuation Guide. The Free English Punctuation Guide will help you to learn English punctuation, understand and apply English punctuation rules, and accurately check the punctuation of your writing.

The world of periods, commas, semicolons and question marks comes alive in these pages. Good punctuation is very important as it organizes your thoughts and ideas into well-separated clauses and sentences. Punctuation influences the meaning of your sentences, especially in cases where double meanings may result due to careless punctuation. Punctuation may even affect the emotional tone of what you are trying to say. As you will see, there is much more to punctuation than just those tiny dots and hooks!

In addition, important writing mechanics issues are also discussed in this Punctuation Guide, as attention to capitalization, hyphenation, italicization, abbreviation, and numbering gives the final polishing touches to any professionally written document.
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