No administration costs. 100% of funds reach the poor children

>> Funds are collected from regular donations from ICH alumni members, fundraising educational events and from other voluntary donations.

>> Discussions are held with staff members of ICH and equipments required and other suitable teaching, training, educational activities are identified

>> Funds are transferred to India through banking channels approved by Ministry of Home affairs (FCRA approved), Government of India.

>> Essential equipments (which are not always provided by the statutory authorities) are bought by the members themselves with the available funds and donated to the Director of ICH & the Head of the concerned department on an annual basis

>> Members of our charity visit the hospital on a regular basis and ensure that the donated equipments are in working condition; if needed arrangements are made for the maintenance of the equipments.

>> No monetary support is given directly to the hospital

>> We do not charge any administration costs. Time and effort spent by PUNCH charity members in this process is purely voluntary.

>> 100% of funds raised reach the hospital and the poor children treated there directly

>> Yearly accounts are audited by approved auditors and submitted to UK charity commission and members