Physicians UNited for Child Health 

UK charity commission registered:  1108675 & Indian charity trust for child health reg. number: 413/2009


Physicians UNited for Child Health (PUNCH) is a charity founded and supported by a group of paediatricians trained at ICH Chennai, India. Although most of us are currently working in the UK, we are committed to the fantastic but relatively resource-constrained hospital where we trained.

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Our charitable efforts depend almost entirely on voluntary charitable donations. A large part of our funds come from regular donations by alumni of ICH and from educational fundraising events such as endocrine or diabetes study days conducted in the UK. 

Our objectives include the following

>> To relieve sickness and to assist rehabilitation of sick children in Chennai, India, in particular by supporting the work of ICH.

>> Providing and maintaining medical equipments useful for care of children

>> Providing work related training for the doctors and paramedical staff.

>> Providing other facilities and support services not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

Institute of Child Health(ICH),  is a government funded, not-for-profit, premier multi-specialty tertiary referral hospital in Tamil Nadu. 

Although, the hospital has 537 beds,

average occupancy rates of over 110% mean there are over 600 children on most days. 

Currently, the hospital treats over 2000 out-patients every single day which means there are over 700,000 children treated as out-patients every year. 

Hundreds of thousands of sick children from all over South India, belonging to families that cannot afford expensive private healthcare, rely heavily on this hospital for their healthcare needs.

Please help us help the poor children of Chennai by becoming a donor

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