Pumkin Pie Recipe

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pumkin pie recipe
pumkin pie recipe - Who Stole
Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie? (Chickadee Court Mysteries)
Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie? (Chickadee Court Mysteries)
Eleven-year-old sleuths Alex Parakeet and his best friend, Yasmeen, are on a new case--a yummy one. The only copy of a valuable recipe has disappeared from the Parakeet kitchen days before Alex's father is scheduled to appear on a TV cooking show. Since word has gotten out that a celebrity chef will be filming a "tailgate" special from the college's parking lot before the big Thanksgiving weekend game, plenty of locals are plotting to get on TV. Could a neighbor or even a friend have gone so far as to steal the recipe, hoping to get Mr. Parakeet's spot?

Pumpkin Carving Party
Pumpkin Carving Party
Even though the official first day of Fall is not until September 22, it certainly feels like autumn here in Maryland. The air here has been quite crisp, especially in the evenings. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and what better way to get the season started then by hosting a pumpkin carving party. A lot of pumpkin carving parties are geared towards kids, but I love the idea of inviting over a small group of girlfriends to share in the activity. There's nothing better than conversation and creativity. Invite guests with this cute jack-o-lantern invitation -- FineStationery Serve pumkin pie martinis -- Thoughtfully Simple Make this delicious cream-cheese pumkin spread and serve with bagels -- Better Homes & Gardens Find pumpkin carving templates online and provide a stack for each guest to choose from -- Martha Stewart Be sure you're prepared with the proper pumpkin carving tools -- Improvements Catalog Make these nifty pumpkin candle holders using petite pumpkins, glass hurricanes and hairpins, and use them to decorate your table -- Good Housekeeping
Pumkin Pi
Pumkin Pi
I have the reputation of being the Pieman, so I do the pies. Libby's recipe which is not only easy but delicious. This year I only made one pie.
pumkin pie recipe
Silly, sweet, farcical and subversive, Pumpkin pushes the boundaries of teen melodrama to anabsurd pitch, resulting in a film that is bracing, hilariously funny, and quite often, and in unexpected ways, touching (A.O. Scott, The New York Times)! Sexy Carolyn McDuffy (Christina Ricci) has a perfect lifea good family, a top sorority and a hot boyfrienduntil she meets the not-so-perfect Pumpkin, (Hank Harris), a challenged discus thrower who touches her soul and turns her life upside down. Suddenly smitten, Carolyn finds herself embroiled in a culture clash that will make you laugh with humor, with recognition and with disbelief (Roger Ebert) as you follow her hysterical journey from popular insider'to ostracized outcast!

Pumpkin scores bonus points for risk-taking satire, but it’s the right movie made by the wrong people. Despite an able assist from star and coproducer Christina Ricci, first-time codirectors (and USC film-school graduates) Anthony Abrams and Adam Larson Broder lack the delicate touch required to pull off a comedic romance between an idealistic sorority girl (Ricci) and the semi-retarded, physically challenged boy nicknamed Pumpkin (Hank Harris) whom she’s paired with as part of her sorority’s image-boosting charity campaign. The movie boldly addresses the taboos and condescension typically applied toward the disabled in movies and hits its satirical targets (social elitism, campus hypocrisy) while undermining the "Jerry’s Kids" stereotype of so-called "special" people. It’s a valiant effort, but the strengths of Pumpkin are overwhelmed by its ineptitude, with poor character development, choppy plotting, and rampant inconsistencies. Its many flaws aside, Pumpkin deserves credit for trying something new, difficult, and altogether challenging. --Jeff Shannon