Oak Grove Cemetery

 Cemetery Gates at Sunrise

Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery in Conway, Arkansas spreads out from a gentle knoll that is dotted with oak, magnolia, cedar, and other kinds of trees. Established in 1880, the cemetery’s central focus is a white octagonal gazebo with flower beds maintained by the Faulkner County Master Gardeners. Nearby, a bronze plaque gives the history of the cemetery and a flagpole flies the American flag. The cemetery is approximately two-thirds full; lots are available for purchase.

There are two annual ceremonies at Oak Grove Cemetery. Gone But Not Forgotten, a performance by actors who play the parts of Conway pioneers, is staged in the fall. A confederate re-enactment ceremony in the spring recounts the life of Colonel Allen Rufus Witt who is buried at Oak Grove.

Cemetery Particulars

Location: East end of Bruce Street
Normal Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset
Contact Information for Oak Grove Cemetery Board Members
    Chris Spatz, President; 327-2615; spatz@conwaycorp.net
    David Anthony, 472-9030
    Tina Mankey, 327-4412
    Virginia Nutter, 327-1983
    Chris Odom, 513-9004
    Jackie Robinette, 327-0731
    Sherry Stone, 329-5593
Board meetings: Normally third Tuesday of the month; 5:30 PM; Conway Corporation Building on Prairie Street

Oak Grove Cemetery History

A group of Conway's leading citizens met on the south edge of town in a grove of oak trees on March 9, 1880 to establish Oak Grove Cemetery. They elected Colonel George W. Bruce as the first president of the Oak Grove Cemetery Association. The first burial ceremony was for little Maude Ingram, 8‑year old daughter of William and Agnes Ingram (July 11, 1881). A formal consecration of the cemetery was conducted by the Rev. William Lee and the Rev. B Williams on September 26, 1881. Shortly after its establishment, a few persons buried on the McCulloch property near Hendrix College were moved to Oak Grove Cemetery. 

By 1945, all the lots within the cemetery's original boundary had been sold. The cemetery association acquired acreage to the east. In 1955, approximately ten additional acres were purchased south of the cemetery. Later, the Robinette Cemetery on the west side of Oak Grove was annexed. Today, Oak Grove Cemetery covers 24 acres.

 Most of Conway's leading citizens from its earliest era are buried here, making Oak Grove historically significant for the community. About 100 Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, are interred along with veterans of other wars. A flag pole to fly the American flag was installed near the center of the cemetery in 2002. A gazebo was constructed nearby by the Robinette family and dedicated on Memorial Day, 2004. A bronze plaque with a history of the cemetery was added in 2007. 

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