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The Perhentian Islands (Pulau Perhentian ) lie approximately 10 nautical miles (19 km) offshore the coast of northeaster Malaysia in the state of Trengganu, approximately 40 miles (64 km) south of the Thai  border.

The two main islands are Perhentian Besar ("Big Perhentian") and Perhentian Kecil ("Small Perhentian"). The small, uninhabited islands of Susu Dara (Virgin Milk), Seringgi and Rawa lie off Kecil. The Perhentians belong to Pulau Redand National Park , which means that fishing, collecting coral and littering are strictly prohibited.

The Terengganu state government places heavy emphasis on conservation to preserve the natural beauty of the islands. All travellers have to pay a marine park conservation charge of RM5 per person.

The islands here are extremely popular with tourists from across the country including from Europe.