Welcome to the Pulaski County Brownfields 
The Pulaski County Brownfields Program provides essential information on brownfields cleanup and redevelopment with a focus on the concerns and needs of community groups across Pulaski County. The Program's goal is to encourage and support effective citizen participation in the redevelopment of brownfields.
Brownfields, underused or abandoned land that may be contaminated, can scar neighborhoods and restrict economic opportunity. Redevelopment, properly conceived and implemented, can improve public health and the environment, increase investment, and create long-term improvements in housing, jobs, recreational opportunities, open space, and public facilities. Without community involvement in the cleanup and redevelopment of sites, however, even well-intended brownfield redevelopment projects may not be sustainable.

In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency selected Pulaski County for a Brownfields Pilot Grant to identify and inventory potential Brownfield properties in the primary target area. Pulaski County was also selected to receive additional funding for assessments at Brownfields properties to use for green space purpose. This Pilot targeted areas in two cities located in Pulaski County-Little Rock and North Little Rock. 

In 2004, Pulaski County was awarded a Brownfields assessment grant.  Under this program, hazardous substances and petroleum grant funds will be used to conduct Phase I and Phase II site assessments, cleanup planning, and outreach within the cities of Little Rock and North Little. 

Pulaski County was selected to receive a Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant that provides loans that support clean-up activites for contaminated site in 2005.  Over 50 properties with redevelopment potential have been identified in the urban core of Little Rock and North Little Rock. The downtown areas of Little Rock and North Little Rock have begun significant growth in commercial and residential development and there is so much more to do.