Pukepuke (its te reo for "hilly") is a larpwriting weekend which runs occasionally near Wellington. Eight to ten people cram into a holiday home for a weekend to write one or more larps, or die trying. We've run it three times so far, and hope to do more.

Pukepuke is modelled on the UK's Peaky. As it involves living together for a weekend, Pukepuke is an invitation-only event.

How it works
  • Friday: Turn up, settle in, raid a local fish and chip shop, then pitch game ideas, trying to find inspiring concepts that people want to write. If there's multiple ideas of a sufficient size, we'll split into groups at this point. Friday night is usually spent planning plots, with minimal actual writing.
  • Saturday: After breakfast, we start writing, and write all day. We break for dinner, then, if necessary, write some more. The goal is to be finished writing by late Saturday night, so we can have some obligatory larp gossip and pitching other ideas at one another.
  • Sunday: Pack up and leave.
A larpwriting operation runs on its stomach, and on coffee. Fortunately, Pukepuke is small enough that that's not a problem. Someone usually volunteers to play caterer, and takes time off from writing to prepare lunch and dinner on Saturday. Friday is fend for yourself (which usually involves fish and chips), and Sunday is leftovers / raid a cafe on the way home. Participants are encouraged to bring baking, snacks, caffeinated beverages etc; plunger coffee is provided, and its only a short walk to a flat white.

What to bring
  • Whatever you need to spend a weekend away from home, including bedding and towels
  • A laptop to write on
  • A USB stick to transfer files with
  • Plugboard / extension cables
  • A couple of ideas for games you'd like to pitch and collaborate with people on
  • Baking / snacks to share.
Someone in the group usually brings a printer, and some internet bandwidth to share.

Pukepuke costs somewhere between $40 and $45 for the weekend, depending on numbers,

How do I get involved?
Write larps (or express interest in doing so), and be the sort of person the usual participants can stay in an enclosed space with for a weekend.