Pugoob is an image search tool. You submit an image and pugoob can locate other occurences of that image on the web. You can crop part of an image and pugoob can find other images that have the part you cropped.

Pugoob is currently running from 9:00 AM 08-19-2008 to 9:00 PM 08-25-2008

You can reach pugoob here

I'll be shutting down pugoob after 12 hrs everyday, it cost money!

Before you try pugoob

Ideally you should be able to grab any random image and search pugoob for it. But of course we don't live in an ideal world! Pugoob is currently running a small machine that can't handle much processing, so to test I have indexed a small number of images from flickr. Here is how you use pugoob:

1 Run your first search using this seed image:

2. After maybe a minute you'll get a lot of images (false positives).

3. Now you can crop parts of those returned images and use the cropped part to run new searches.

4. The original image from which the cropped image was extracted will always be returned.

5. This proves that pugoob can find occurrences of the image you search for.

Now I know that wasn't exactly impressive, but if there was access to a powerful enough computer, then pugoob could theoretically index all the images on the web. Then you could grab any random image and try to see where else on the web it occurs, you could be surprised by what you might find!!!

If you are a programming nerd, you can find out more about pugoobhere.