Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club






28606 132nd Ave SE, Kent WA 98042 

August 4, 2018 (Saturday)



Event Information

Registration:  Starts at 8:30am and available all day at the main tent. Hunters will be given a badge that must be worn during the hunts.

Hunt Information

Three Scheduled Hunts:  $90 for all three hunts. Prizes will include silver US  coinage, sponsor prizes, and clad US coinage. (Second hunt will have two hunts running simultaneously for seniors and non-seniors. (Senior hunt alone cost is $30). Individual hunts are $30.

Youth Hunt:  Open to youth hunters under 14. FREE when an adult is participating in a hunt. MD is required and the child may be assisted verbally.

Other Info:  Coins will be hidden in the grass. Pulse induction metal detectors, shovels, and large digging tools are not allowed during the hunt. 


Metal Detector Raffle:  XP Deus Metal Detector, ($1825 value) New in box.   Tickets available now for $1 each.

Treasure Chest Raffle:  1st Prize is a chest containing silver coins and other items (estimated value $250-$300).   Tickets are $1 each. 

Silver Dollar Raffles:  Held throughout the day.


Potluck:  PSTHC is providing hamburgers, hotdogs, condiments, and cold drinks. PLEASE BRING a side dish to share.

More Information

Other information:  Staff will be recognized by their vests. Bring a chair. A popup canopy and folding table is optional.


For more information contact Jim Ratcliff










South Hill Rare Coins 

(Puyallup, WA)

Tacoma Mall Blvd Coin & Stamp

(Tacoma, WA)

Lacey Rare Coins

Metal Detecting Association of Washington

Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine

The Backwoodsman Magazine

Lost Treasure Magazine




Directions from Tacoma: 
From Tacoma (approx. 30 minutes) Head North on I-5 (8.3 mi). Take exit 142A to merge onto WA-18 E toward
Auburn (8.9 mi). Take the SE 304th St exit toward SE 312th St (0.5 mi). Turn right onto SE 304th St (0.6). Turn
right onto 132nd Ave SE. Destination will be on the right. 
Directions from Seattle: 
From Seattle (approx. 30 minutes) Head North on I-405 (2.0 mi). Take exit 2 to merge onto WA-167 S toward
Auburn (5.0 mi). Take the 84th Ave S/N Central Ave exit toward Kent City Center (0.2 mi). Turn left onto 84th
Ave S (0.1 mi).  Continue onto Central Ave N (1.0 mi). Turn left onto E Smith St (0.4 mi). Continue onto
Canyon Dr (1.0 mi). Continue onto SE 256th St (0.3 mi). Slight right onto Kent-Kangley Rd (2.0 mi). Turn right
onto 132nd Ave SE. Destination will be on the left. 

Past Annual Hunts

2010 Lenny Phay’s Big Silver Hunt’s Draw TH’ers From All Over Puget Sound

A PSTHC committee was formed in early January 2010 to formulate a plan for the Annual Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt. It was decided that the hunt would be on August 7, 2010 if the Orting Lion’s Playing Field was available. Once that date was established and the field scheduled, no one could have imagined that it would rain on that particular day in the middle of the summer, but it did, and to everyone’s surprise. Oh, well!

On the afternoon of August 6, a group of PSTHC members assembled at the Orting’s Lion’s Playing Field to erect the large canopy that was suppose to provide some relief from the searing sun that was envisioned to beam down on everyone’s head during the Saturday hunts. Tim and Matthew Connor arrived at 4:30 PM with the canopy and tables. Waiting to start the erection work were members, Bob McSwain, Per Tvedt, Robert Stack, the Ratcliff’s, Jim, Jr. and  Sr., Bob and Tita Carstensen and Jim Vanderwall. This task took all of one hour to accomplish. Bob and Tita planned to spend the night in their motor home and look after the canopy that night. After erecting the canopy the next chore was to lay out the hunt fields for adult TH’ers and kids, plus mark off an area for parking. With these task completed in quick fashion, everyone not spending the night headed for home because Saturday would require an early rise to be back and finish setting up for the day’s activities.

Saturday morning several of the club’s committee members met at the Around the Corner Café in Orting, WA for breakfast at 7 AM to discuss plans for the day’s activities. After breakfast it was a short drive to the hunt area and the start of setting up of tables for registration, prizes and raffle ticket sales. TH’ers started to arrive at 8:30 AM with registration set to begin at 9 AM. It was no surprise to see a large number of members from other Puget Sound clubs, namely the Olympic Peninsula Treasure Club, Cascade Treasure Club, Hood Canal Detectors Club  and the Metal Detecting Association of Washington registering for the day’s hunts. The first hunt of the day was at 10 AM.

The TH’ers were anxious to start swinging their detector and listening for the ping of a located treasure. The field had been seeded earlier by Allan Henneberry with silver dimes, “Wheatie” pennies and tokens that could be traded for raffle tickets. Per Tvedt and several dads had seeded the kids hunt area which was to start at 11:15 AM.

The hunt area was quite large, some 25 yds. X 100 yds., plenty of room for all TH’ers to swing their detectors without hitting someone. The hunt was scheduled to last 45 minutes due to the large number of coins seeded. In fact, the number of silver coins seeded was equal to the cost of the hunt. Each Th’er had the opportunity to find their registration fee in each of the hunts. When Allan gave the signal to start, it was a flurry of Th’ers moving in all directions. After some 20-25 minutes some Th’ers had made their mark and headed to the canopy to count their silver.

After the first hunt it was time to start the Silver Dollar Raffle and Door Prize Giveaway. The 1st raffle winner of a silver dollar was Cliff Harris. Other winners were Tim Moore and Curt Grindley. Curt was lucky, being that he won two silver dollars in the drawing. The door prize winners were determined by a drawn ticket that was given to each person as they registered for a hunt. The TH’er then wrote their name on the ticket and it was placed in a container to hopefully be drawn for a door prize. The first winner was Ron Shearer. He won a radio/clock. Other winners were: Ken Malm (clock), Tim Hockett (radio), Chuck Wood (Penny in Space plaque) and Stan Applegate (knife).

At 11:15 AM the youth hunt began. There was a large amount of “jewelry” and other “stuff” scattered on the field for the kids to find with their detector. Moms and dads stood on the sideline and cheered them on. Allan and Kandy Henneberry, and their daughter Amber, Ken McGill and Cliff Harris had completed seeding for the second hunt which was to start at 1:30 PM. At 11:30 AM, Bob Stack and Rick Wilson fired up the grills to cook hamburgers and hot dogs for a hungry bunch of TH'ers. The pot luck tables were heaped with delicacies brought by TH'ers. Lunch started at 12 AM.

During the lunch break a special hunt was set up with a representative from each treasure club to find a special coin that would determine the winner of the Kellyco donated trophy. The trophy was won by Ken McGill, a member of PSTHC. Congratulations to Ken.

A “special award” was presented to Mary Gladding, owner of Whites of the Northwest detector sales by Club President Per Tvedt. The PSTHC awarded her a Honorary Member Certificate for the outstanding support she has shown to the club. Thank you Mary from the PSTHC.

TH'ers lined the field ready for the signal to start the second hunt which had been seeded with silver halves, silver quarters and silver dimes. Again, like the first hunt, each TH'er had the opportunity to find their registration fee during the hunt as the number of silver coins seeded was equal to the cost of the hunt which was $30.00. There were several more TH'ers signed up for the second hunt than the first hunt probably because of the large amount of silver. When Allen gave the signal to start, there was a mad dash to grab what you could by a crowd of TH'ers bent on finding the mother lode of silver. There probably wasn’t a square inch of the hunt area that wasn’t detected during the 45 minute time limit. Some TH’ers had handfuls of silver coins and tokens when they came off the hunt.

At 3 PM the big raffles started with the Whites Prizm lV going first. The winner of this little jewel was Warren Hooper. The Cobra Radar Detector was won by Cliff Harris and Ron Eldredge won the US Proof Set. Next up was the biggest of the raffles and that was for the Whites DFX Detector. This raffle was won by Matthew Connor. Second place was a handmade quilt and silver proof set won by Jim Ratcliff, Sr. A PSTHC Jacket Back Patch was won by Nick King. It was now time to draw for the two overflowing treasure chests. The first chest was won by Nick Hoover and the gold Canadian 5 Dollar coin went to Jim Ratcliff, Sr. There were 15 US silver dollars given away to lucky raffle ticket holders: Scott Hoover, Dee Sperling, Bev Shearer (won 2), Per Tvedt, Haley H. (won 2). Nick Hoover, Jim Ratcliff, Jr., Ron Garcia, Rick Wilson (won 2), Tim Moore, Ron Aldridge and Keith A. The second treasure chest went to ticket holder Stan Applestone and Larry Webb won one of the Western and Eastern Treasure Magazine subscriptions.

With the end of the raffles and the day wearing on, happy TH’ers made their way to their cars and trucks for the journey home. With the large number of fellow TH'ers from other Puget Sound treasure clubs in attendance, the hunt provided a chance for members to make new acquaintances and to swap treasure hunting tales from years gone by.

A number of PSTHC members stayed back to help breakdown and load the large canopy and tables and to make sure the area was clear of trash. Their help was appreciated.

The PSTHC thanks all those clubs that donated the silver rounds and a dredge to this hunt. See you at the next hunt. 

Story by Jim Ratcliff, Sr.


 Large Turnout for 2009 Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt 

Under dark skies with showers predicted, over 65 Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club (PSTHC) members and guests had one good time at the 2009 Annual Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt at the Orting’s Lions Community Play Field in Orting, WA on 8 August, 2009. By 8:30 am, a majority of hunters had arrived, and were raring to go. Early on Saturday morning, Rich Loveless and Robert Stack arrived at the assembly area and erected a large canopy, set up tables and chairs, and with help from the PSTHC Events Committee, Bob & Tita Carstensen, Candy Henneberry, Kathy Willette, Ligaya Feierday, Teddi Phay and several others, started arranging the many donated prizes from PSTHC members and guests, and major commercial donors such as White’s of the Northwest; Garrett Detectors; American Digger Magazine; Minelab Detectors; Kellyco; Olive Garden and Sizzler. Without their generosity, the participants would not have had such a great selection of prizes to win. This year, a first for the hunt, was that the PSTHC had two banners to announce the club’s hunt and another to announce our major commercial sponsors. Our appreciation is bestowed upon Roxann Connor, spouse of PSTHC President, Tim Connor for her skill in constructing the two banners.
At 9 am, those hunters that registered earlier in the year, were eligible for the free Early Bird Special Hunt. The hunt
site was a good 300 yards from the assembly area and had very tall grass which made it difficult to swing your detector. Allan Henneberry, the PSTHC hunt meister, and helpers Matthew and Chris Connor seeded the area with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and halves, plus foreign coins and tokens, silver rings, dog tags, painted coins, wrist watches, hat pins, jewelry and other items. For this hunt, over 60% of the hunters present were eligible, which ensured a quick scramble to find what they could in the allotted time.

Even when you located a find with your detector and pinpointed it, you still had to dig through the tall grass to find the item, so going was somewhat slow, for many. After the free hunt, the hunters made their way back to the assembly area for refreshments and to wait for the start of the 1st hunt at 10 am. The 2nd hunt started prior to lunch and ended at 12:30. Most hunters returning from the hunts were showing off their finds while walking back to the assembly area. A number of hunters surveyed had found over a hundred coins on a single hunt.

 After a hearty lunch of sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, potato and bean salads, pies, cakes and fruit, the hunters were ready to strike out again for hunts 3 and 4, which lasted throughout the afternoon. In between the hunts, the hunters exchanged their painted coins for numbered poker chips that corresponded to a prize. Some silver painted coins were exchanged for silver dimes. Many of the participants won multiple prizes, such as padded detector bags, pin pointers, digging tools, ball caps, gold pans, coin pouches, polo shirts, headphones and plastic ponchos.    

By 4:30 pm hunt 4 had concluded and everyone was anxious to start the raffles. Many of the PSTHC members and guests had contributed items to the raffles. A brand new, large smoker was won by Bob McSwain. The grand prize that everyone was waiting to claim was a White’s DFX that was purchased by the PSTHC Events Committee. The lucky winning ticket belonged to PSTHC member, George Stark. The 2nd place winner of a beautiful quilt was Duane Denfield who donated the quilt back to the PSTHC. The 3rd place winner of an opal necklace was Tim Hockett.        

After the grand prize drawing, all PSTHC members and guests were assembled for a group photo that will be made into a thank you card and sent to our gracious commercial sponsors for their generous support of this annual PSTHC event.

Story by: Jim Ratcliff, Sr.

THE  2008 LENNY  PHAY  ANNUAL HUNT was a great success. On 8 August 2006, over 37 PSTHC members and guests gathered at the Orting Lions Community Play Field for a day of fun, friendship and detecting. Rich Loveless and several members set-up canopies to ward off the sun and rain. There was a total of 106 hunters for the four hunts. Members donated over 277 food items for the food bank. Major prizes won during the four featured hunts included silver dimes, silver quarters, and silver dollars. Many other prizes were also won. The grand prize raffle drawing was for a White’s DFX detector which was won by Bob Carstensen. Bob immediately gave the detector to his wife, Tita. A beautiful quilt (donated by Teddi Phey) was  awarded as the raffle drawing 2d Prize, which was won by Robert Stack  and the 3d prize winner of a beautiful Holly Blue Agate necklace (hand-made and donated by Rick Wilson) which was won Jim Ratcliff, Sr.