Launch Committee

A multi-stakeholder Launch Committee was convened by the Puget Sound Partnership in July, 2010 to develop a Charter that would guide the formation and initial operation of a Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment Program.  Launch Committee members represented a wide range of perspectives and expertise in monitoring and relevant science/policy linkages.  The Launch Committee met monthly from August 2010 to March 2011 to discuss, debate, and draft a charter that clarified the monitoring program's purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, overall structure, and basic operating principles (including transparency, inclusiveness, credibility, accountability, etc.).  A draft charter was circulated in late December to over 300 interested stakeholders, monitoring experts, and members of the public for additional input and feedback.  In February, 2011 the revised draft charter was presented to the Puget Sound Leadership Council, which endorsed the Charter and authorized the Partnership to convene a Monitoring Program Steering Committee based on the Charter's recommendations. 
Meeting Agendas and Summaries
Proposed Tasks (as of August 11 2010)
  • Develop the charter for the Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring Program. The charter is the document that embodies the purpose of the program, program components, role and responsibilities, information flows and decision processes.
  • Identify criteria for selecting Work Groups.
  • Provide recommendations for appointing the Steering Committee for the Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring program.

Committee Composition (as of August 4, 2010)

Local Organizations

  • Jim Simmonds, King County, Supervisor, Water and Land Resources Division; Chair of Stormwater Work Group
  • Scott Powell, Seattle City Light, Strategic Advisor

State Organizations

  • Ken Warheit, Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Chief Scientist, Fish Program
  • Tom Mumford, Washington state Department of Natural Resources, Senior Consulting Scientist, Aquatic's Program 
  • Rob Duff, Washington state Department of Ecology, Program Manager, Environmental Assessment
  • Nathalie Hamel, Puget Sound Partnership, Monitoring Program Manager

State/Federal Organizations

  • Kate Litle, Washington SeaGrant, Citizen Science Coordinator

Federal Organizations

  • Michael Cox, Environmental Protection Agency, Toxics Coordinator, Puget Sound and Columbia River
  • Bruce Crawford, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Senior Monitoring Coordinator
  • Rick Dinicola, US Geological Survey, Associate Director Washington Water Science Center


  • Terry Wright, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Director, Fisheries Programs
  • Terry Williams, Tulalip Tribes, Fisheries and Natural Resources Commissioner  

Environmental Organizations

  • Dave Peeler, People for Puget Sound, Director of Programs

Puget Sound Science Panel

  • Jan Newton, Science Panel, University of Washington, Principal Oceanographer
Forum on Monitoring Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health
  • Bill Wilkerson, Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council, chair of Forum on Monitoring Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health


  • Lincoln Loehr, Stoel Rives LLP, Environmental Compliance Analyst  

Watershed-scale organization

  • Richard Brocksmith, Hood Canal Coordinating Council