Stormwater Work Group officially commissioned; 8 other possible groups will be scoped.

posted Aug 3, 2011, 2:52 PM by Ken Dzinbal   [ updated Aug 3, 2011, 3:13 PM ]
At yesterday's meeting of the Steering Committee, the existing Stormwater Work Group was unanimously accepted as the Program's first "commissioned" work group.  As part of the larger Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment Program, the Stormwater Work Group receives official recognition and consideration by the Steering Committee as a key contributor to ecosystem monitoring efforts and strategies across Puget Sound. 

The Steering Committee also decided to begin scoping up to eight additional monitoring work groups to assess their possible linkages to the Puget Sound Dashboard of Environmental Indicators, existing and potential group composition, current activities, and their interest and readiness to organize an actual work group (among other considerations).  The other possible work group topics to be scoped include (in no priority order):  Marine Water Quality; Freshwater Quality and Streamflow; Salmonids; Freshwater, Riparian and Terrestrial Habitat; Marine Nearshore Habitat; Birds and Mammals; Marine Food Chains and Forage Fish; and Toxics.