About The Program

The Puget Sound Partnership is helping to organize, convene, and support the Puget Sound Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment Program. This monitoring program is called for in our enabling statute (RCW 90.71.290), the Action Agenda (Near Term Action E.3.1), the Strategic Science Plan, and the Biennial Science Work Plan. 
The Program was developed with the help of a Launch Committee which met from July 2010 - February 2011.  The Launch Committee drafted a proposed Charter and structure for the Program, which was unanimously endorsed by the Leadership Council.  The Partnership subsequently convened a Steering Committee in June 2011, and program development began in earnest.   
The Charter endorsed by the Leadership Council describes an independent monitoring program and Steering Committee that works collaboratively across all participating agencies and organizations but does not report directly to the Partnership.  The Partnership supports and assists the Program, and helps facilitate communication with and between the Partnership's  programs, the Puget Sound Science Panel, the Ecosystem Coordination Board, and the Leadership Council.  The basic structure and organization of the Monitoring Program is depicted below:
The main purpose of the Coordinated Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment program is to evaluate progress towards ecosystem recovery and to serve as a foundation to continually improve the scientific basis for management actions in the Puget Sound. Our goal is to work with all of our partners to coordinate monitoring efforts to provide credible, high quality and accessible monitoring findings for our partners, decision-makers, and ultimately, the public.

Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
Open Standards is a tool the Partnership is using and recommending to help identify what to measure about the health of Puget Sound and to manage the Action Agenda.

For more information about Open Standards, please visit the Conservation Measures Partnership website.

nathalie hamel,
Aug 12, 2010, 8:31 AM
nathalie hamel,
Aug 12, 2010, 8:31 AM