Jim Thomas - Director, BetterInvesting PSC

1/18/2012 was cancelled due to inclement (snow) weather.
Rescheduled for Wednesday 5/16/12 
Jim Thomas - Director, BetterInvesting Puget Sound Chapter
“Don't Trade Naked - Basics of the Covered Call Option Strategy”

This presentation is an introduction to the covered call option strategy.  What is the covered call strategy, why is it a basic strategy, what are some pros and cons? How much downside protection does it provide and how much does it limit profit potential? This session will provide basic information to help you make an informed decision about whether usingcovered calls could make sense for you.



* What the Covered Call option strategy is and why/when you might want to use it.

* How to read option Profit/Loss diagrams.

* Where to find free resources to learn more about options.


1.   To learn what options (Calls and Puts) are.

2.   To learn the basics of the Covered Call option strategy.

3.   To learn about the potential for profit and loss using Covered Calls.

 SPEAKER’S BIOGRAPHY:  Jim Thomas is a Director of the Puget Sound Chapter of BetterInvesting. He has been teaching BetterInvesting methodology classes locally since 1998 and BetterInvesting National Convention classes since 2006. Jim also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of ICLUB central, which produces software for the Better Investing community. A favorite hobby is creating Excel spreadsheets to facilitate his investing activities.