Exploring Yoga and Mindfulness With Our Students!
Article: Empowering Learners, Bryn Mawr College Blog, June 15, 2015
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Celebrating our Brand New Community Center and Health Clinic! 

Puentes in the Pennsylvania Gazette
Article: Bridges to Health, Pennsylvania Gazette, April 27, 2015

Puentes Computer Coding Program Makes Headlines 
Article: Changing the Faces of ScienceDrexel College of Arts and Sciences' Ask MagazineJanuary 2015 

Puentes Partnership with Garces Foundation and Southwark School
Article: Garces Foundation Builds Bridges for Southwark, South Philly Review, February 14, 2014

As different age groups were pulled from their tutoring classrooms to be awarded inside the library at Southwark School, 1835 S. Ninth St., Monday, where Dr. Beatriz Garces and her husband Iron Chef Jose Garces were in attendance, it became clear the youngest pupils had the most pride, poise and confidence. That is a testament, perhaps, to the growing scope of Southwark’s partnering with the Puentes Hacia el Futuro (“Bridges Toward the Future”) program, one the Garces Foundation has wholeheartedly endorsed, which supports students who sometimes begin kindergarten with very little English mastery.

Nonprofit helping Latino youngsters with academic, cultural and social needs
Philadelphia Inquirer, February 11, 2013.
The program, says Larson, is rooted in the belief that language, employment, economic status, and geography - the "social determinants of health" - strongly influence wellness. Enrichment of this vulnerable population, he said, can pay public-health dividends. 
"A lot of doctors say, 'It's not my problem,' "he said. "I beg to differ. It certainly is."

Puentes Hacia el Futuro Partners with Southwark School
Article: Team Dragon begins tenure at Southwark South Philly Review, September 12, 2013
“First and foremost, we’re a community school and Andrew understands the rigors of identifying and pursuing what we will need to take off. The takeaway from our outreach is that people want to get in and help, which will be especially beneficial to parents.”

South Philadelphia: A Tutoring Program for Spanish-Speaking Students. Al Dia, November 16, 2011

Click here to view the original article on Philadelphia Neighborhoods (Temple's Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab).
Video about the Puentes Hacia el Futuro Program
(Video by Dana Ricci and Jillian Crull - Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Temple University, original link here)
Crayons scribbled across papers, filling in the lines. Pencils scrawled careful letters. The sounds of stories being told to eager ears bounced throughout the room where students were finished with their homework for the day with the help of the tutors at Puentes Hacia el Futuro, a tutoring program designed to fit the needs of first-generation American students who grow up in Spanish-speaking homes, but are thrown into English-speaking schools.

South Philadelphia: First-Generation American Tutors Mexican Immigrant Children. Philadelphia Neighborhoods, November 16, 2011

Elvis Almanzar, a psychology major at Temple University, sported a maroon and yellow Puentes de Salud T-shirt. From Reading, Pa., Almanzar is tied into his senior year which will end with him receiving a certificate of specialization in Health and Human Services in Spanish in addition to his degree in psychology. Almanzar is a first-generation American whose parents came from Mexico. He volunteers for a program that branched off from the program his T-shirt advertises, Puentes Hacia el Futuro. "I found it interesting because I could relate to the mission statement and what they were trying to do," Almanzar said. 

Click here to view the original article on Philadelphia Neighborhoods (Temple's Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab).

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