Obras de los niños

"If I were a Mayor," Bryant, age 10
If I were a Mayor I would build more schools because I want students to get good education so that they can get good jobs. I would also create more after-school programs, like sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and ballet. The reason I would make more after school programs is so that kids won't get into gangs and be involved in mischievous behavior. I would help immigrants in the city of Philadelphia. I would help them by hiring translators to help them communicate with doctors. Also create more English classes for free so that immigrants can learn English faster. These are a few things I would do as a mayor. 

"The Farm," Stephanie, age 9
"This story is about a dog, a cat, a turtle, and a cow. They all live in a farm with a human. The cat and the dog are fighting and the cow and the turtle want them to be friends. The dog wants to be friends with the cat but the cat does not know. Then Sarah came and said, Stop fighting! And then they stopped fighting." 

"A Letter to Someone in Your Family that is Far Away," Jocelin, age 8
Dear Grandma,
How are you feeling? Can you give me the Day of the Dead Candy? This summer I am learning to read at Puentes. I read a book that is called Lulu Goes to Witch School and Puentes is my favorite class. I want to visit you in Mexico because it is my favorite place to go. You are my favorite person. I was born in Philadelphia. I go to school at Southwark. I am going to 3rd grade. I hope I see you in Mexico. 
Love, Jocelin