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Alexandra Wolkoff, Assistant Director
Alexandra Wolkoff is from Upstate New York and graduated in 2014 from Haverford College, where she studied Sociology and Education. She joined the Puentes team in July 2014, where she is able to align her academic, personal, and professional interests by serving the phenomenal children and families who make up Puentes Hacia el Futuro. Alexandra oversees daily program functioning by working closely with families and collaborating with the school and other providers at Puentes and in the region to ensure the success of each child. This year, Alexandra is especially excited to share her passion for yoga and mindfulness with the community. In the long-term, she looks to pursue further graduate education in the fields of psychology, community wellness, and education. 

Seema Doshi, Supervisor
Seema Doshi is from Hillsborough, NJ and recently graduated from Haverford College, where she studied Biology and Social Justice. She is currently participating in a fellowship through Haverford College (Haverford House Fellowship) for which she has the opportunity to work with Puentes Hacia El Futuro for a year. Seema oversees the daily functioning of the program by coordinating volunteers and interns, communicating with families, and designing and implementing various program initiatives. In the long-term, she hopes to see through her interest in public health by pursuing an MD/MPh degree and working with community health programs.

During after-school, we divide our students into three teams: Team I, grades 1-2; Team II, grades 3-4; Team III, grades 5-7. We further sub-divide our students by grade, each staffed by one dedicated intern per day. In each classroom, our interns supervise 8-12 students in their grade, in addition to 2-4 volunteer tutors. Interns are responsible for their grade group and for maintaining consistent observation of each student's progress so that we can design appropriate goals, interventions, and on-going communication with families and the school. 

We currently serve 56 students grades 1-7 on a daily basis in our after-school program. In total, 69 students from grades 1-9 receive PHF services on a weekly basis. We serve these students through a combination of after-school programming, individual tutoring for recently arrived minors, support cohort for our 8th grade students and families in navigating the high-school application process, and connecting our 9th grade students with resources for success in high school, college, and beyond. 

The majority of our students attend Southwark School on 9th and Mifflin Streets. Learn more about the school by visiting the Southwark website and Southwark blogHere is a link to data from the Philadelphia Unified School District about the school's demographic and economic profile and information about the students' academic achievement. Additionally, here is a comparison of Southwark School with other similar schools in the district.