Member Roster
Below you will find all of the most recent contact information for each Public Information Officer that is a member of our Network.  Each contact below has been identified by their agency's leadership as a media liaison for their risk agency.    Please feel free to contact any one of them with your media inquires.  For your convenience there are also links for the agency Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies
City of Pueblo Police 
Franklyn Ortega 719-553-2411
Alt - Capt. Kenny Rider 719-320-6010  

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
Gayle Perez 719-924-5471
Alt - Lisa Shorter 719-924-0474 

Colorado State Patrol
Raymond Eccher 719-288-2615
Trooper Kevin Betts or Trooper Brian Kohnlein
available by calling CSP dispatch @ 719-544-2424  

Lake Pueblo State Park
Monique Mullis 719-561-9320
CSP dispatch will contact PIO after hours 719-544-2424

Fire/Medical Response Agencies

City of Pueblo Fire 
Erik Duran 719-821-1258
Woody Percival 719-248-3712  

Pueblo West Fire Department
Brad Davidson 719-250-8843 or 719-547-7337 
Rye Fire Department 
Jim Beach 719-676-3522 or 719-671-5436

American Medical Response 
Marco Valenzuela 719-251-5157
Mike Lenning 719-289-1020

Government Agencies


City of Pueblo
Debra Hill 719-553-2549 or 719-821-1274  

Pueblo County Board of Commissioners 
Chairman: Garrison Ortiz 719-583-6595
Public Information Officer: Adam Uhernik 719-583-6534

District Attorney's Office 
Rose Jubert 719-930-0813 
DA Jeff Chostner 719-963-8395
Jim Whitmire 719-369-1782  

Coroner's Office 
Brian Cotter 719-584-9900  

Pueblo City-County Library District
Midori Clark 719-562-5605

Pueblo Regional Building 
JD Potter 719-543-000
Pueblo West Metro District  
Jay-Michael Baker 719-547-4012
State of Colorado
Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Micki Trost 303-472-4087  

Colorado State Department of Public Health & Environment
Jeannine Natterman 303-692-3303 or 303-921-2208

Colorado Department of Transportation
Michelle Peulen 719-566-2311, 719-584-4798, 719-225-0667   

National Weather Service 
Jennifer Stark 719-948-9439 x726 or 785-766-3119 

USDA- Forest Service 
Dawn Sanchez (Pikes Peak Ranger District) (719) 477-4214
Pueblo Ranger District 719-553-1415 or 719-248-8970

24-Hr News Response 

Bureau of Reclamation
Roy Vaughan 719-561-9855   

Parkview Medical Center 
Jeff Tucker 719-584-4499 or 719-225-0667  
St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center 
Jillian Maes 719-557-3814  
Health Solutions 
719-545-2746 or 719-545-4100

Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo
 719-546-4388 of 719- 546-4000  

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment 
Sarah Joseph 719-583-4526 or 719-671-1341
Mona Ewing 719-583-4513
Pueblo Community Health Center 
Laura Kelly 719-543-8718 x139 or 719-251-9101

 Black Hills Corp 
Julie Rodriquez 719-546-5802 or 719-924-4103
24-Hr 866-243-9002

San Isabel Electric 
Paris Elliott 719-647-6268 or 719-250-0935
Alt - Reg Rudolph 719-647-6243  

Board of Water Works 
Paul Fanning 719-584-0212 or 719-251-0429  

Xcel Energy 
Ashley Valdez 719-549-3611
 or 719-415-0248  

School Districts
Pueblo City Schools 
Dalton Sprouse 719-549-7187
Alt - Valerie Vigil 719-545-3647 or 719-240-6734 

Pueblo School District 70 
Greg Keasling 719-542-0220 or 719-671-2249

Higher Education
Greg Hoye 719-549-2576  

Pueblo Community College 
Amy Mathew 719-549-3053 or 719-406-5884
Erin Hergert 719-671-7995 or 719-549-3226 

Child Care Providers
Early Childcare - Children First
Teresa Mathews 719-250-8058 
Pueblo Chemical Depot and Partners
Pueblo Chemical Depot
MaryAnna Clemons 719-549-4135 or 719-283-4217

Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives 
Tom Schultz 719-924-4432   

Bechtel Pueblo Team
Sandy Romero 719-549-5280,  719-289-1888 

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office-CSEPP
Gayle Perez 719-924-5471

Volunteer Organizations
Jennifer Chavez 719-583-6434 (Pueblo County Sheriff's Office) or 719-553-2460 (Pueblo Police)  

American Red Cross
Bill Fortune 719-393-2936

Salvation Army 
Envoy(s) Jim & Rose Mertz 719-543-3656 or 719-660-5787


*If you are interested in joining the Pueblo RCN call Gayle Perez at 719-583-6222