Bowling Green 1984 D1 National Championship Team Book

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Cavallini From Kane: The Snub, Mark's Pub, The Chair, A Rental Car, Mohawks, National Champions 

By Ray Schneider, Eddie Powers

Cavallini From Kane

Paperback, 250 Pages

Price: $24.99

The 1984 National Championship hockey game between Bowling Green State University and Minnesota-Duluth is considered by many one of the greatest NCAA title games ever played. However, the game and the pass Gino Cavallini took from Danny Kane to finally end it, is merely one chapter in the story of this special group. The ensemble of individuals will forever be connected by the historic game, regardless of what team they wanted to win. It was a moment that unified a University and a community in Northwest Ohio. It also fused a University and community located near Lake Superior. While hundreds of articles have been written about the game, and the famous goal has been dissected frame by frame, what was missing were the stories of how those associated with the 1984 National Championship ended up in Lake Placid, New York on that March evening.