Pucketos Garden Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary in October 2008. It continues today to exist as a vital community environmentally aware organization.
    We are grateful to the group of men who founded the club and for the women who carried on its objectives over the years.
The first garden club was an evening group organized in 1926 by the late T.H.Hurst, who was its first president. At his suggestion, a ladies afternoon group was formed. On October 2, 1933, a constitution and by-laws were adopted. Mrs. H. Burns Smith was elected President. Forty ladies were present at the first meeting, and the name "Pucketos Garden Club" was selected.
    Our name, Pucketos, came from "Pucketo/Puckety," a creek that enters the Allegheny River from the south between Westmoreland and Allegheny counties, and from "Pucketa," an Indian trail running from near present day Export, PA to "Sewickley Old Town" (present day New Kensington). The Club began with three committees - Flower, Program, and Bird and Tree. By the end of their first year, membership had grown to eighty women.
    Some of the activities and projects that have been carried on throughout the years include: bird and tree preservation, planting Victory Gardens, helping canneries during WWII, furnishing flowers to hospitals, nursing homes, and shut-ins, flower shows, horticulture and conservation education, civic plantings, distributing seedlings, furnishing Memorial books to our public library, participating in activities of both the Greensburg and Pittsburgh Civic Garden Centers, and exposing youth to the joys of gardening.
    In 1975 the Litter Awareness Project was launched. This has now become People Against Litter (PAL), a dedicated group with representation from many community organizations, committed to making our community cleaner and  and more attractive. People Against Litter has won several State and National awards.
    We honor all the Past Presidents of Pucketos Garden Club who laid the groundwork for one of the most active and achieving garden clubs in Western Pennsylvania and in the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.