PROGRAM 2011 / english

Strange natures, particular ecosystems, imaginary worlds...
and also the emotional landscapes of the human nature.

 por Patrick Jean
2010, 2' 35"
8Bit creatures are invading
 New York City !


Illuminant by Efterklang
 por Tobias Stretch
2008, 5'


 por Kirsten Lepore
2010, 5' 21"

Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle.

 por Eric Leiser
2009, 2' 11"

copyright Albino Fawn Productions 2009

 por Zeidguised
2008, 3' 20"
‘Peripetics or The installation of an irreversible axis on a dynamic timeline’. Zeitguised made a piece in six acts for the opening exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery. It entails six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the evolution of educational plant-body-machine models and liquid building materials.​

 por Valerio Terranova,
Giuliano Poretti,
Silvia Zappalà,
Om,ar Bianco
2010.  4' 46"

Une nature de rêve


 por Joe Bichard y Jack Cunningham 
2010, 3' 13"

A short narrative about human interplanetary exploration.​​​​

 por Malcolm Sutherland
2010, 5' 35"

An explorer adventures into an unknown world, yet it seems that he 
has been there before.


 por Julien Deparis, Gilles Ripstein, 
Marc Rius
Illustración y guión:
Guillaume Plantevin
2010, 4'


Old Fangs
 por Adrien Marigeau
2010, 11'

El viaje de Maria
 por Miguel Gallardo
5' 43"

El Viaje de Maria de Miguel Gallardo, producido por la Fundación Orange. Se trata de una pequeña excursión al mundo interior de una adolescente con autismo, un viaje lleno de color, amor, creatividad y originalidad, que nace en el recorrido de unos padres que ven cómo su hija se comporta de una manera especial hasta confirmar el diagnóstico: autismo. El cortometraje, como dice Miguel, “no es una obra sobre el autismo, es sobre el cariño, sobre la relación entre un padre y una hija que, por encima de las dificultades de la comunicación, se transmiten su mensaje alto y claro, así tal cual me lo dijo María, una noche, en un resort de los que íbamos: tú y yo. Eso es amor”.


Entre Ciel et Mer
{Contes Célestes}
 por David Gautier y Irene Iborra
2005, 3' 30"

Kolybeln Chukotskaya
The Chukchi Lullaby
{Lullabies of the World}
 por Yelizaveta Skvotsova
2007, 3'



The First Step
 por Tsuneo Goda
2008, 5' 12"

U900 - Twist and Shout
Japonese Ukelele Duo
 por Yosuke Kihara 
2010, 1' 55"

Sex Roof
 por PES
 1' 10"

At the end there will be nothing but a cubic pixel. This is what Patrick Jean explains in a brilliant way through Pixel, an amazing film that makes us smile and surprises us. On the other hand, the topic presented is not innocent. The end of the film is graphically blunt and premonitory. The physical world, the analogical, the organic and the material ones are directly confronted to the virtual and digital worlds. Among this battle, the human nature: fragile, emotional and diverse. This would be the summary of our program.

It's maybe because of this Pixel threat that nature, from some time ago, claims for our attention. His presence is very important in many author's work in lots of ways.

It seems to be related to the research of the natural, the authentic, the primitive for some people. There is people who need to get some dirt at this computer's age, they need to scape from the aseptic and the artistic domination of the software to look for an accident. The natural stuff increases, rises up from all the spheres of the plastic expression, it's the aesthetics of the handmade things.

But getting dirty is better if we do it at an opencast. Stepping earth or snow and breathing free air. In fact, at the end, if what is real is natural becomes much more attractive than the virtual. Those who go to the country and leave their studio to animate their characters under the sky, in the outside, as Tobias Stretch at Il·luminant or Kirsten Lapore at Bottle do, they seem they have found a parallel reality invisible for the rest of the mortal people. A reality that becomes true to the eye due to the art of animation. Something really magic.

Now, these natural sceneries are the most attractive settings that someone can imagine. Everything is moved and animated because of life's energy. The setting beats, the clouds swing, the sea shakes because of the waves and the wind moves the tree's leaves.

Nature is an eternal source of motives, shapes and laws. A matchless creator genius. A provocative inspiration for lots of artists. Reinventing or recomposing it is a tempting exercise. Maybe unavoidable in the animate world. In some cases, as Eric Leiser's, the natural is mysterious and primitive. Forces and rare creatures inhabit this hypnotic and disturbing forest.

On an experimental way, Zeitguised introduces an exposition as a 3D animation film. There are different places for exposition where buildings made of elements imitating huge human organs with a synthetic look and connected to machines, living architectures and other surprising things are shown. They don't have a clear function. They look like nonsense experiments from a visionary mind, but they are an intense audiovisual experience that causes a great impact.

Moreover, in Babau, imagination wants to create an ecosystem which could live in an unknown galaxy, or it's maybe our own planet during a new prehistoric era in a million years.

Talking about other worlds we finally won't have a chance but the move. At least we will have to plunder the energy resources from somewhere. Anything to subsist, or maybe for the enrichment of a few. Joe Bichard and Jack Cunningham make it clear on Mars. Animation is unique if we need to expose a complex concept in a clear way... So, their exposition becomes very graphic.

But, in the cosmos things may work in a different way. Our perception of reality is made up of many laws that could get out of order and overwhelm us. Reality may look like a crazy dream. As Malcolm Sutherland proposes, our own shadow could be a black hole full of surprises.

If that can happen in the outer space, something as unchanging as gravity is in the Earth could suffer radical changes too with dangerous consequences for its inhabitants. Rubika is a 3D work from Guillaume Plantevin's universe which has an original approach and a surprising end full of suggestions.

Anyway, the human being fragility is not only threatened by natural phenomena. There is also place for emotions and feelings, and that's what Adrien Marigeau exposes amazingly. Old Fangs is a 2010 masterpiece. In the plastic aspect as well as in the narrative. And if we talk about returning to the nature this film is full of symbols and metaphors, in a trip to get over past traumas, deep wounds caused by insuperable meetings. There's no doubt about the difficulties of being a father or a son if you are a wolf.

Stuck in what makes us feeling we can go from the story of a traumatized son to a proud father's one. And so we enclose to the human nature through another kind of trip, a very different one: El Viaje de María by Miguel Gallardo, produced by Fundación Orange. This is a tendering work because it takes part of the living experience. Animation, in this case, is used to explain a reality that most of us ignore. To know and understanding autism through Maria makes us better.

This is our goal, the reason why we watch films.

Watching the sea and taking care of it as this moon does is also a good example of what we can learn. This moon is kind of motherly!

As these poor and sacrificed chuckchi parents who sing lullabies disguised of spirits. And when the little chuckchi is asleep... what a relief! What about the aurora Borealis, the sound of the snow when you step it and the silence of the Siberian night? Natures...

Everybody knows that in the animation world's nature little animals act and behave as people. For instance, they make romantic animated films, like the little bear Komaneko.

Or they also make duos performing famous pop songs playing the ukulele. Here you are then, some music.

And we close our program with a 'dirty' film for our micro-session of erotic cinema. How exciting is that kind of animation that open our eyes to the truth. All of that is in front of us but we don't know how to see it. And, moreover, with a great humor sense.

That's all folks! (although it's quite enough)

Lleida, dissabte 8 de gener de 2011