15 Apr 2018
Easties Let's Plough Canterbury 2
I took the SG on this run to the Ashley Gorge. A total of 25 bikes.
08 Apr 2018
Coalition North & South Moped Run
Simon form the Easties was having dome visitors from the North Island, and invited to this run. Sharon on the VS50K and me on the RLA joined another 30 riders to go from The Tannery up Dyers Pass Road, along Summit Road to Governors Bay for lunch and then though the Lyttelton tunnel to Smash Palace.
04 Mar 2018
Valley Inn Moped and Small Motorcycle Run
John again invited to this low key affair which saw 23 riders at the start, including myself on the TF. We rode from the Valley Inn, through the Lyttelton Tunnel, over Gebbies Pass to Lincoln and then to Prebbleton, and then back to the Valley Inn.
03 Mar 2018
VCC Moped Run
Gary and I organised this run again at short notice. Only 12 riders, riding from McLeans Island, through West Melton to Darfield and Back to the Yaldhurst Hotel. Mike on my DS, Gary on his VS50L and me on the VS50K were also joined by Kevin who bought the black MS5)V off me last year. Good to see the little bike again!
24 Feb 2018
VCC Fish and Chip Run
Took the SG along Old West Coast Road then through Dunsandel, Leeston and Rolleston.
07 Jan 2018
VCC Picknick Run
Followed Gary on my SG as the only bike with about 30-40 classic cars from the VCC to Gatehouse Winery.
26 Dec 2017
Boxing Day Run
With just under 40 bikes, starting from Grant's place in Kainga, the run went to the Mack, then to the Valley Inn for Lunch, and back to Parklands. Unfortunately, it rained most of the time. Sharon on the X40 had problems with the engine, so I on the RLA hat to drive home to get the trailer. Jamie on the Maxi 2K completed the run. The only other Puch was Adam on Grant's 250 SG.
25 Nov 2017
Syd's Replacement Run
Since Syd's was officially cancelled following last year's shenanigans, this run was called anonymously, and about 60-70 bikes showed up. Starting at The Cashmere Club, we drove up Dyers Pass, over the Summit Road to Gebbies Pass to the Wheatsheaf Tavern, then through the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Valley Inn, ending at Smash palace. Puchs were Troy on the Maxi 2K, Sharon on the X40, and me on the DS, as well Johan on his MV50, Gary on his VS50L and Bomber on his red MS50V. All bikes behaved!
05 Nov 2017
VCC Annual Motorcycle Rally
28 bikes on a beautiful day, going from McCleans Island to Lincoln, Summit Road and back. The TF won three trophies!
30 Sep 2017
VCC Fish and Chip Run
Only four bikes - with me on the RLA. We drove to Ashley and Leithfield and back.
23 Sep 2017
6th Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter
10 Sep 2017
Easties' Let's Plough Canterbury
200 km towards Ashley Gorge on the MS50V, trying to keep up with the much faster Japanese 50s, scooters and motorbikes.
27 Aug 2017
VCC Daffodil Day Run
Around 450 cars and a handful of motorcycles met at the VCC for this nationwide event to raise funds for the Cancer Society. I id the "long run" on the TF, traveling trough Oxford to the Waimakariri Gorge and back to McLeans Island.
26 Aug 2017
VCC Fish and Chips Run
First outing of the 250 TF with 15 other riders. Starting on Main South Road, we went to McLeans Island, Rolleston, Lincoln (The Laboratory), Gebbies Pass, Governors Bay (for lunch), and then through the tunnel to the Woolston Club to look at the British Motorbike Show.
12 Aug 2017
VCC Around the Bays Motorcycle Run
About a dozen motorcycles plus me on the RLA going through the Lyttelton tune, Gebbies Pass to Little River - where the RLA's flywheel broke in half. While the other carried on to Akaroa, I had to be rescued.
06 Aug 2017
VCC Mid-Winter Run
This was a run mainly for cars, but Phil on his BMW and I on the SG joined in the fun as well. 120 km from Barrington through Selwyn, finishing at the VCC at Cutler Park.
29 Apr 2017
VCC Scooter Run
About 30 bikes on a sunny day riding to Darfield and Hororata. Brent and Gary on Brent's two MS and myself on the RLA.
20 Apr 2017
Thursday Evening Run
The days are getting pretty short, and it was getting dark by the time we took off from Mairehau towards Sullivan's Irish pub on Lincoln Road and then on to Smash Palace. The RLA is a joy to ride around town.
08 Apr 2017
Valley Inn Scooter and Small Motorcycles Run
Joined John and a crowd from the Valley Inn on the 250 SG for this run. The SG broke down early with an ignition problem which took me 45 minutes to fix. Then it was a matter of catching up with the others. Still, close to 100 km on the bike along the winding roads between Lyttelton and Gebbies Pass was a lot of fun!
23 Mar 2017
Thursday Evening Run
I don't usually have time on a Thursday night, but this week was able to join eight riders on the SRA for this weekly run. We started in Parklands and tiki-toured through residential areas until we reached the Little Brown Jug in Wairakei Road. After dinner we moved on to Smash Palace.
04 Mar 2017
VCC Moped Run
Gary and I organised this annual event again and we were joined by a total of 20 riders. Starting ant PMH, we went to Selwyn Huts, the Laboratory and the Halswell Tavern. Notable Puch drivers were Johan on his MV50, Gary on his VS50L and me on the MS50V.
06 Feb 2017
Waitangi Day Run
15 bikes doing a revers Syd's, i.e from Halswell over Gebbies Pass to Governors Bay and through the tunnel to the Valley Inn. Sharon on the VS50K and me on the first outing of the RLA.
28 Jan 2017
VCC Fish and Chip Run
I joined 7 other members of the VCC motorcycle section on my SG to Cheviot and back. A total of 210 km on a beautiful summer day. The SG wasn't running that great on the way to Cheviot, hardly managing to get into 4th gear. On the way back, and without the air filter, it went much better - around 50 to 55 mph on the speedo. It used 15 litres of fuel and one litre of oil for the 210 km. That's just over 7 l/100 km.
26 Dec 2016
Boxing Day Run
Troy on the VS50K, Jamie in the MS50V, Sharon on the X40 and me on the Hero Puch met with another 25 riders at Grant's place for this traditional relief of the Christmas festivities. A very short run to the Kainga pub, followed by longer stretches to ..., then Seddon, Leithfield and Kaiapoi. Unfortunately, the X40's big end bearing gave up and it had to go home on the trailer.
26 Nov 2016
Syd's Run
The usual flat run, starting from the Tai Tapu to Lincoln and back. While I was helping Bomber with a flat tyre, the group ran into a cop in Lincoln who wasn't happy with some of the entrants. So the numbers quickly dwindled, and only about 20-30 bikes continued. Puchs were Sharon on the VS50K, and me on the MS50V, as well Johan on his MV50, Gary on his VS50L and Bomber on his green MS50V.
05 Nov 2016
VCC Annual Motorcycle Rally
The 250 SG's first official outing. Still a bit gutless, and the clutch started to give up towards the end. Still, the SG won the "best performance of a 2 stroke" trophy.
24 Sep 2016
Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter (Wanaka)
Again, a sensational day with the MS, but with added back country riding and a visit to George Wallis's collection of International trucks and machinery.
10 Sep 2016
Transalpine Scooter Safari
This mega event from Christchurch to Hokitika is normally a gruesome affair. But not this time as the weather was beautiful on both sides of the Southern Alps. The DS decided it was time for the piston to slowly seize up, and in Kumara, the last stop before the finish line, the ride was over for me. But I made it over the Alps - with some pushing!
16 July 2016
Lake Kaniere
As always in the third weekend of July, Brent (MS50V), Mike (VS50L), Shane (my Maxi 2K), and I (VS50K) traveled over to the West Coast. There we met up with Bill for whom we carried over the DS. We were also joined by Paul from Wanaka and four locals. Since the weather on Saturday was beautiful, we decided to extend the usual run with a trip to the Hokitika Gorge. It was stunning! Mike's chain came off once which was the only minor breakdown. On Sunday, Mike and Shane drove from Hokitika to Otira (86 km), except the Maxi gave up approx. 5 km before the finish line.
12 Mar 2016
Valley Inn Scooter and Small Motorcycles Run
Joined John and his friends with the VS50K for this run from the Valley Inn to The Famous Grouse in Limcoln and The Tai Tapu Hotel.
05 Mar 2016
VCC Moped Run

27 Feb 2016
VCC Fish & Chip Run
Took the SRA on this run for motorcycles, from PMH, Tait Tapu, Gebbies Pass to Diamond Harbour and the Wheatsheaf.
08 Feb 2016
Waitangi Day Run
Twenty bikes today, doing a Reverse Syds from Halswell to the Valley Inn. Just Sharon on the VS and me on the Maxi today, joined by fellow MS owner Martin.
26 Dec 2015
Dave and Dave's Boxing Day Run
It's been a 10 year tradition, and 23 bikes participated on a beautiful day. Jamie on the MS, Mike on his CS, Sharon on the VS50K, Shane on the DS and me on the Maxi. We went from New Brighton to Heathcote, through the tunnel to Governors Bay, then up Gebbies Pass, along the Summit Road, and down Dyers Pass to our place for some beers. The other continued back to New Brighton.
28 Nov 2015
Syd's Run
Around 120 bikes for the usual run, 11 of them were Puchs. Jamie on the SRA, Mike on the Hero, Sharon on the VS50K, Shane on the Maxi, and me on the DS. Jamie won Woman Driver of the Day, and Sharon won Second Price Over All.
07 Nov 2015
VCC Annual Motorcycle Rally
My first time on an official VCC motorcycle event. The SRA travelled a total of 100 miles. Most of the time, it wouldn't go past 45 mph, just on the way home it suddenly decided to go past 50. The right-hand switch unit broke, so I replaced it with a push button to start the engine. Nevertheless, the SRA won the P60 Concours d'Elegance.
26 Sep 2015
Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter (Wanaka)
Paul invited, the weather was great, and a wild mix of 32 mopeds and scooters took off from the shores of Lake Wanaka on backroads, gravel and asphalt. As always, the scenery was breathtaking. Sharon on the VS50K, me on the DS, and Johan on his MV50 were the only Puchs, but the VS50K still won the Publican's Choice award at Lake Hawea. The next day, Johan and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and rode the 35 km from Wanaka to Tarras.
18 Jul 2015
Lake Kaniere
The third weekend of July, and Gary (VS50L), Brent (MS50V), Mike (VS50L), Shane (my Maxi 2K), Bruce (Honda C50) and I (Hero Puch) traveled over to the West Coast again for a boys' weekend out. The weather was good on Friday afternoon, so we went for a short run, where Brent's MS50V was the first casualty of a weekend of breakdowns. After a few kilometres, he wasn't able to change gears anymore. It rained on Saturday, the drive around Lake Kaniere. 20 starters, with Ron from Christchurch on his red Puch 250SG the highlight for me. Mike's progress was halted by four broken spokes. The rest of the run was uneventful, except that 1 km before the end, the Maxi developed problems because water had entered the ignition area. On Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful but freezing morning. As Arthurs Pass was closed because of snow, we had to go the long way round via the Lewis Pass. The remaining three bikes were to drive ahead, but then the clutch on Gary's VS50L went. So in the end it was only Bruce on the Honda C50, and Brent and Mike taking turns on the Hero who, after 116 km, would make it all the way to Reefton.
26 Apr 2015
VCC Scooter Run
As usual a brilliant run through North Canterbury. Thanks John! Sharon on the SRA and me on the 1960 SR were joined by Shane on the Maxi 2K. The SRA won the publican's choice award.
07 Mar 2015
VCC Moped and Clip-on Run
Like last year, Gary and I organised a flat run from Halswell along the most winding roads of the Selwyn District. Great weather, 19 bikes, and stops at Selwyn Huts, The Laboratory pub (under construction), and the Prebbleton Irish pub.
01 Mar 2015
50s to 50
Sharon on the DS and I on the Hero joined another dozen riders on this run from Princess Margaret Hospital, up Dyers Pass, along Summit road to Gebbies Pass, Governors Bay and the Valley Inn. Perfect riding weather - lots of sun and no wind.
06 Feb 2015
Waitangi Day Run
What started as a very windy day turned out to be a great occasion. 17 bikes drove from Halswell over Gebbies Pass, through Governors Bay and the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Valley Inn. I drove the Hero Puch on its first outing, joined by Sharon of the VS50K and Jamie on the MS50V.
26 Dec 2014
Dave and Dave's Boxing Day Run
Along the beach to Ferrymead, through the tunnel to Governors Bay and back.
14 Dec 2014
Fish and Chop Shop - Big Day Out
Peter had invited to this new run - 200 km from Lincoln via Rakaia to Methven, through the Rakaia Gorge and Hororata back to Lincoln. It really was a Big Day Out, with 29 riders attending in great weather. Sharon started on the blue 1960 SR, and I on the red 1967 SRA. After approx 50 km, Sharon could no longer shift into 3rd gear due to a lost adjustment in the cables. We switched bikes and tried to drive to Rakaia in 2nd. Unfortunately, the engine didn't took too kindly to this strain and overheated. So it was onto the trailer, and Sharon and I shared driving the SRA.
29 Nov 2014
Syd's Run
The usual run from Tai Tapu via the Golden Mile, Lincoln, Springston and back to Tait Tapu. Around 110 bikes with 10 Puchs in attendance, including Sharon on the VS50K and me on the X30. My run was cut short as I had to assist Mike whose VS broke down with a broken piston ring.
05 Oct 2014
Scoot to the Sky
Clive organised this new run from Methven up to the Mt Hutt Ski Area as a fundraiser for the rescue helicopter. Around 35 bikes showed up. Since the run itself is not very long, I decided to ride the blue SR 150 all the way from Christchurch, making this a 260 km round trip. What can I say, it was absolutely spectacular. The ski field was still open, so we ended up in the snow.
20 Sep 2014
Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter
Johan and I trailered his MV and my DS down to Wanaka for this great run. Not a cloud in the sky and so it was no suprise that 35 bikes showed up (including six Puchs). It was breath-taking, driving under the snow-capped mountains of Central Otago from Wanaka to Lake Hawea, Luggate, with a stop at the Warbirds Museum.
14 Sep 2014
Kick Starter Run
Took the blue SR to this run which I thought was for mopeds, but it turned out it was a motorbike run. So rather than driving all the way to Waikari me and Geoff on a 125 took a short cut to the finish in Amberley (79 miles).
18 Jul 2014
Lake Kaniere
Troy (X30), Mike (MS50V), Shane (VS50K) and myself (DS) on the Puchs met with three more riders from Christchurch and four locals on a glorious day to keep this tradition alive.
13 Jul 2014
Ivan and Vicky's Chilly Run
There is no bad riding weather, just inapproriate clothing. However, on the day, it was sunny and not too cold at all. So 17 drivers had a great day out driving the backroads from Christchurch to Rangiora.
27 Apr 2014
Rising Suns Moped Run
Bruce invited to this run along Summit Road, down Gebbies Pass to Diamond Harbour. Another beautiful day saw 40 bikes a the start, including Sharon on the VS50K and me on the DS.
26 Apr 2014
VCC Scooter and Small Motorcycle Run
Another one of John's great North Canterbury runs. Not a could in the sky and 23 bikes including Sharon (DS60R), myself (SR150), Gary VS50L, and Owen's two MS50s.
30 Mar 2014
James and Rose's Whistle Run
A nice run though north Christchruch. See also the Small Bike Runs Facebook page.
01 Mar 2014
VCC Moped and Clip-on Run
Gary and I organised this flat run from Halswell along the most winding roads of the Selwyn District. A total of 29 bikes including Solexes, Ducatis, a Sparta, six Puchs and others showed up for this run of 84 km. The weather was great and we had a great time.
06 Feb 2014
Tim's Waitangi Day Run
Around 50 bikes met at the Halswell supermarket on a beautiful day to follow the reverse Syds' route over Gebbies Pass, past Governors Bay and through the Lyttelton Tunnel. We had the whole family together for once: Sharon on the VS50K, Jamie on the MS50V, Troy on the X30 and myself on the DS. We were joint by Mike on his VS50L (for which Johan and I had rebuilt the engine last week replacing the crank shaft assembly), Johan on his MS50V, and Adam on his 1956 MS50L with leg shield.
05 Jan 2014
Ivan and Vicky's Last Minute Run
20 bikes for this trip around Spencerville and Brooklands. What a nice day out but also a bit depressing driving though idyllic but now red-zones residential areas.
26 Dec 2013
Dave & Dave's 8th Annual Boxing Day Run
A total of 16 bikes, including me on the DS, Sharon on the VS, Jamie on the MS with newly decorated tank, and Mike on his newly cylinder-kitted VS on this traditional run, starting from Dave's place in Wattle Drive. Drizzle, all the way, but we took off along Marine Parade and through the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Governors Bay Hotel. From there back to the Port Hole in Lyttelton and back through the tunnel. The rest of the pack returned to Chats and Dave's place, but we turned off home as the DS wasn't running very well, and the MS had a broken clutch cable.
23 Nov 2013
Syd's Run
Same route as the previous two years, except we started and finished at the Tai Tapu Hotel. About 150 bikes of which nine where Puchs. Saw a new white SRA150 and a green VS50L. Sharon and I were on the VS50K and DS.
10 Nov 2013
Pedal Run
Peter and Alan had invited to this run, and about a dozen mopeds turned up at the Valley Inn in Heathcote to follow the old Syd's route through the Lyttelton Tunnel, along the bays to Governor's Bay and then over Gebbies Pass to the Tai Tapu Hotel. Sharon rode the X30 and I was on the MS50V. We were joined by Martin (the brewer) on his recently acquired 1956 MS50L, currently the oldest Puch in NZ we know of. Also on the run were Peter on his blue VS50D and Johan on the MS50V. Mike joined us a the start of the run, but his red VS50L wasn't running well so he decided to return home.
19 Oct 2013
Ivan's Birthday Run
Winter has been long, but what a beautiful day to blow off the cobwebs! 37 mopeds (and their drivers) met at Ivan and Vicky's place in Richmond for this first run of the season. Participating Puchs were Sharon (VS50K), Mike (on Jamie's MS50V), Martin (on his newly painted VS50L), myself (DS60R) as well as Johan (MV50S) and Adam (on a previously unseen and beautifully restored 1956 MS50L). The route first went to the top of Mt Pleasant Road. A steep climb but rewarded with its stunning views over the Estuary and beaches. The DS made it easy, going up all the way in second gear. Unfortunately, both directions of Summit Rd were blocked - to the left temporarily because of roadworks, and to the right permanently because of ongoing earthquake risk. It didn't matter, because the descent was just as fun. First stop at the Valley Inn for a quick refreshment before roaring through the Lyttelton Tunnel to Governors Bay. Another stop before heading back to Irish Pub in Lyttleton. From there back through the tunnel and back to Ivan and Vicky's where we had a great time having a BBQ and heaps of talks. (Map)
Adam also has SRAs, and later we were joined by Adrian, who has a DS60R and a number of SRAs as well. Plenty to talk about! Both live out of town but I will follow up with them in the next weeks.
27 Jul 2013
VCC Fish and Chip Run
The motorbike section of the Canterbury Vintage Car Club holds a monthly run. This is for motorbikes, but John Benn inspired me to have a go with the moped. Fortunately, on the day, it was a flat run, so with a bit of headstart, the VS50K and I arrived at the destination, the West Melton Tavern, only shortly after the motorbikes. I need to get the SR on the road soon to be able to participate properly.
20 Jul 2013
Lake Kaniere
Since this awesome run hadn't taken place because of the events in 2011, Gary, Brent and myself decided that we should go over anyway on the usual third weekend in July.
We had spread the word during the previous runs in Canterbury, and we were thrilled to see that Terry and Peter made their way over from Christchurch early on Saturday morning. Of course, at that time K-G-B had already spent an evening at the Pioneer Hotel and a night at the Hokitika Kiwi Holiday Park. We were also joined by Peter from Hoktika on his beautiful black 1966 MS50V, which has been in his family for three generations. So a total of six bikes which was more than we hoped for.
The day of the run was overcast but only had a short period of drizzle. We were well prepared so it didn't really matter. Unfortunately, Gary's VS50L broke down 5 km from the finish line, so we towed him home.
We will be back next year, and who knows: Maybe we can rekindle this run?
17 Mar 2013
Ivan and Vicky's Last Minute Run
After weeks of sunny weather, rain returned to Christchurch for the start of this run. Only 11 bikes in total - quality over quantity! After driving through the residential red zone along Horsehoe Lake Rd we headed up Burwood Rd to North Brighton and along Marine Parade. First stop at the Woolston WMC to have a look at the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Show. Unfortunately, the DS developed a fuel issue resulting in it running for 500 metres and then stalling again. So while I limped home to get the VS50K, the others drove on to Sumner, up and down Summit Road and on to the next stop at the Speights Ale House in Ferry Road. From there along Centaurus Rd where I left the others to head home again.
07 Feb 2013
Waitangi Day Run
Ivan and Vicky had invited for this run starting at the Shirley Lodge in Marshlands Road going to Kainga. A great day out although we had a few breakdowns. First Sharon had a flat tire on the VS50K which made us miss the start of the run. Then the clutch cable on Mike's VS broke, and then I lost the clutch centering screw from the side cover of the DS. So we limped home with two bike without clutches but made it in the end. No problem with Jamie's MS and Troy on the X30.
26 Dec 2012
Dave & Dave's 7th Annual Boxing Day Run
Jamie (MS50V), Mike (his black VS50L), Sharon (VS50K) and I (X30) took part in this annual event. The weather forecast was a bit dodgy, but still more than 20 bikes turned up. We assembled as usual at Wattle Drive and then took off towards home again over Dyers Pass to Governor's Bay. It had started to rain, and in a left hairpin turn, Sharon slipped and fell, twisting her knee. The legshield of the VS was slightly dented, but can be fixed. The substructure wasn't damaged. After lunch at the Governor's Bay Hotel we drove through the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Valley Inn.
09 Dec 2012
Reverse Syd's Hill Run

We invited through Ivan and Vicky's mailing list and had a turnout of 20 bikes.

Princess Margaret Hospital -> Halswell Quarry -> Old Tait Tapu Road -> Gebbies Pass -> Governors Bay Hotel -> Lyttelton Tunnel -> Valley Inn
24 Nov 2012 Syd's Run

This year's course was the same as 2011, a flat run from Templeton, via the Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln, the Springston Hotel to the Tai Tapu Hotel.

Attendance was down a bit with just over 200 bikes, 11 of which were Puchs. After a few drizzles in the morning the sun came out and it was a brilliant day.

Jamie showed up in her car as she discovered that the MS had a flat tire, and Sharon (VS50K) and I (X30) were already on the road. Mike and Gary joined us with their VS50Ls, and Bomber with his green MS50V. Sharon won a price for "Best Lady Driver".

20 Oct 2012
50s do 50
Sharon, Jamie, Mike and Nick (from work) assembled at our place at 9 this run from Cashmere, up Dyers Pass, along the Summit road, down Gebbies Pass, with a stop at Governors Bay Hotel, through the Lyttelton tunnel, stop at the Valley Inn Hotel, finishing at Smash Palace. This is pretty much our standard family run! As the Maxi had some question marks over its compression, I had picked up Bomber's MS50V the night before (for Nick), but found that none of the brakes worked sufficiently. Despite my best efforts and up until midnight, I couldn't get the brakes to an acceptable level.
So Sharon took off with the VS50K, Jamie on the black MS50V, Mike on his new VS50L, Nick on the X30, and me on the Maxi. Close to the start at the bottom of the hill, the VS50K stopped running, and despite of Johan's help, we couldn't fix it. So we loaded the VS50K on the "sick bay" trailer and drove it up the hill again. 50 m from home, the bike fell over and smashed the front and rear lights! At this stage, Nick decided to give up the X30 for me and drove back to our place as well. While I was waiting for the mob to  go past our house, Sharon signalled that the Maxi wasn't running well either, so I tried, decided that is was no good and had to follow the bikes by car.
Otherwise, perfect riding weather and 39 bikes, with quite a few new faces.

Seat not required.
Quake City Rumblers.
Red Baron Bike.
At the Valley Inn.

22 Sep 2012 Inaugural Upper Clutha Moped Run
Sharon and I travelled down to Wanaka with the VS50K and the MS50V on a trailer on the Friday. It was a long drive, but the mopeds travelled well in their newly built frame. We arrived about 6pm, and once settled into the motel, took the mopeds off the trailer intending to go for a twilight ride. However, the fuel line on the MS had hardened and shrunk, and was leaking. Paul (the organiser) came to the rescue with a new piece of fuel hose, but by the time it was all fixed it was a bit late to go riding. Saturday dawned beautifully fine, and we met up with another 11 moped riders at the lakefront (including a VS50L and MS50V from Balclutha!) The run took us to the transport museum for a brief stop, then on to Luggate, where we had the first refreshment stop. The VS won the publican's choice! Then we headed to Lake Hawea, for the lunch stop. Great scenery all the way! After lunch we headed through to Albert Town, where the VS won the publican's choice again! The last leg was through some back roads and along the lake front back to Wanaka, and the last refreshment stop. A great day, and exceptionally well organised, thanks to Paul!
On Sunday we headed through to Cromwell to check out the VCC swap meet, and then round to Hans' place to look at his collection of bikes, including three Puchs.

Wanaka - Before the start
Before the start
First refreshment stop at Luggate
First refreshment stop at Luggate
Puchs rule at Wanaka!
Puchs rule at Wanaka!
Paul, the organiser

28 Apr 2012
Vintage Car Club Scooter Run
John organised this fantastic run. Around 160 km with three stops north of Christchurch. Although intended as a scooter run, there were only two scooters but around 30 mopeds. Not a huge turnout despite the great weather, but what a great day we had! Sharon, Jamie, Mike and myself were joined by Gary on his red VS50L, and Matt on his golden Vespa.

Mike on VS
Mike on VS50K
Jamie on MS
Jamie before the last pub stop
Matt and Gary at the pub
Matt and Gary
Some of the bikes

17 Mar 2012
Vintage Car Club Moped Run
VCC Moped Run 2012

Sharon (VS50K), Jamie (MS50V), Mike (X30) and myself (still in the car) met up with Johan (MV50), Gary (MS50L) and Bomber (Solex) for this relatively short run (around 35km). After cruising the streets of Riccarton and Avonhead we headed west towards Templeton and then back on Yaldhurst Rd to the Avonhead Tavern. This was the first outing for the black MS50V which did really well.
26 Dec 2011
Dave & Dave's 6th Annual Boxing Day Run
Boxing Day Run 2011

Sharon, Trevor, Troy and Mike took turns on the VS50K, the Maxi 2K and the X30. I followed in the convertible (still not allowed to drive after my shoulder op).
  1. 13 km to the start in Wattle Drive.
  2. First stop at the Valley Inn in Heathcote.
  3. Climb up Mt Pleasant Rd, down Monk Spurs Rd to the Speight's Ale House in Ferrymead.
    All bikes made it up the steep hill without any problems.
  4. Via New Brighton back to the start with stops at The Turf and Chats Bar.
Beautiful weather and a great turnout for Boxing Day with 30 bikes. Saw a 1958 Puch SRA 150 scooter.
26 Nov 2011 Syd's Run
This year the course was changed from the traditional Banks Peninsula run to a flat run between Templeton and Tai Tapu.
  1. 19 km to the Golden Mile
  2. 38 km on the actual moped run via the Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln, the Springston Hotel to the Tai Tapu Hotel
  3. 34 km home via Gebbies Pass (Wheatsheaf Hotel) and Dyers Pass for good measure

Still well attended with a total of 280 bikes, but one wonders what could have been... Saw two new VS50L, one MS50 and one Maxi.
Sharon, Jamie, Mike and Troy took turns on the VS50K and the X30.

30 Oct 2011 Ivan & Vicky's 50 for 50's Moped Run
Sharon, Jamie and Troy took the VS50K and the X30 on a moped run. As I still have my arm in the sling after shoulder surgery, the non-moped driver chauffeured me around with the Celica convertible. It was a great day out and the kids did really well taking it carefully. Good turnout with 51 mopeds, my VS50K being the second-oldest (beaten by a rare 1955 Göricke Görette).
  1. From Princes Margaret Hospital in Cashmere, up Dyers Pass
  2. Along the Summit Road, down Gebbies Pass to Governors Bay (lunch overlooking the harbour)
  3. Back through the Lyttelton tunnel for another stop at the Valley Inn pub and then home.
A total of 57 km. Amazing what a difference less weight makes on the steep climbs. Sharon and Troy had no problems whereas with me the VS really struggles.
16 Jul 2011
Lake Kaniere Run 2011
Matt, Gary, Bomber and I drove over to the coast again for this great run. Again the weather was brilliant but brisk. Beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains and the lake. Unfortunately a guy fell off his bike and another ran into him. Police, ambulance and helicopter attended which could mean the end of this great event. Let's hope not!

Mad Max
Mad Max Bike
Clip on
Typical clip-on
Stop at Lake Kaniere
Stop at the lake
Bikes on trailers
Our bikes on the trailer

20 Nov 2010
Syd's Run
First outing for my Puch X30. It did extremely well on another beautiful day.
July 2010
Lake Kaniere
Matt, his Dad, Gary and I drove over to Hokitika for a cold and sunny weekend with a trailer full of Solexes and Gary's VS50L. What a spectacular run with lots of home-built bikes.
24 Nov 2009
Syd's Run

Matt lent me a Solex for my first taste of moped fever in Canterbury. Around 300 bikes attending - many of them home-built contraptions. What a great day driving (and pushing) the hills of Banks Peninsula. A decision was made: I had to get my own moped soon!
  1. From the Cashmere Club through the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Governors Bay Hotel.
  2. Along the bays to the Wheatsheaf Hotel at the bottom of Gebbies Pass.
  3. Over Gebbies Pass to the Tai Tapu Hotel.
Matt and Kurt on Solex
Matt and me at the start
Pushing up Gebbie's Pass
Me pushing up Gebbies Pass
Gary on his VS50L
Gary on his VS50L arriving at the Tai Tapu Hotel

More great pictures on http://picasaweb.google.com/toycollector10/SydSRun2009.