Welcome to the home page of my Puch vehicles and Puchs in New Zealand.

The pages describe the restoration progress as well as activities with the individual bikes.
Puch 250 TF
1952 250 TF 329478
Puch 250 SG
1964 250 SG 1935133
1957 Puch RLA 125
1957 RLA125 2011518
Puch SRA150
1967 SRA150 3309644
Puch VS50K
1957 VS50K 6500297
Puch DS60R
1961 DS60R 7902642
Puch Maxi 2K
1974 Maxi 2K 5903342
Puch Maxi N
1974 Maxi N 5754402
Puch X40
1982 X40
Hero Puch
1999 Hero TurboSport 3G

We regularly participate in runs in Canterbury and the South Island. I also try to document all Puch mopeds, scooters and motorbikes I find on these runs.
I am also interested in the history of Puch in New Zealand - so if you have any information, please let me know.

Temporary pictures below - please ignore:

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