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TED talks are a really good way to be introduced to a topic and it's easy to keep up with the latest, fascinating scientific breakthroughs on a number of topics. Check out Professor Paul Zak, Jonathan Haidt and Dan Ariely if you enjoyed the morality topic. 

Keon West's videos:

Following Keon's fascinating talk last year he's sent us the links to his fantastic YouTube videos.

An excellent discussion of various issues, including write-ups of each PitP event. 

Following our June event entitled 'Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a pole dancer'; you may be interested in the content of the following website:

Our July event looked at media violence and links between gaming and video violence in particular. You may be interested to look at the following website for more information: 

Similar events: 

Skeptics in the Pub, Sheffield:

Cafe Scientifique, Sheffield:

Cafe Psychologique, Leeds: