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Publish Digitally offers sales and marketing support to club members BECAUSE selling in a club beats selling alone! Sales is hard but we can make it easier. Note I didn't say 'painless'. Get a bit of help with social media or a lot of help with publishing and promotion. We're here for you.

When you sell in our SHOP you get to know who buys your media. You get to build a customer list. You can direct traffic to your own site. Our approach is boosted by leveraging a membership of like-minded people. Use our Mastermind Powerhouse to launch your event. Announce your contests and campaigns. Use a different tool for a different purpose. Our story never ends. It's evolving.

What's Best About Our SHOP? CVC -- Content, Value, Choice: Content is how we engage fans. Value is how we keep customers coming back. Choice is what we deliver. In our store, art & literature is exalted, while artists & authors are acclaimed. 

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