Master Public Speaking
Using Shakespeare's Guidance

Discover how Shakespeare's text can transform you into a master orator!

Would you like to be a more compelling and persuasive speaker?

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence when addressing your audience?

Do you feel disconnected from what you're saying and your listeners?

Let the Bardand Nathanhelp!

One of the many simple and powerful lessons... up-endings! Try it out for yourself!

Shakespeare's text includes secret clues for how to become a more powerful speaker! Now you can unlock these discoveries!

Learn how to grab and hold anyone's attention—in seconds! (see the video)

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Nathan Agin has studied and acted Shakespeare's text for years, working with some of the finest teachers in the world, and truly understands the art of rhetoric.

He knows how to make a speech work, to have it land on your audience, and have it sound amazing—all at the same time!

This coaching is PERFECT for Trial Attorneys, Salespeople, Ad Agents, and anyone giving presentations on a regular basis!

If college or your job prepared you with all the nuts and bolts of what to say, but with no training of how to actually stand up and present the material, this is for you!

We're using age-old practices for 21st-century presenters!

Learn to walk into the room with Confidence, Clarity, and Charisma!

The Sessions

What do President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra all have in common?


They all understand the art of effective or persuasive speaking. Same with JFK, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill and most other amazing speakers.

Essentially, this is a lost art in our modern-day world, particularly in America. It is simply not studied or taught in most schools.

Not the case in Shakespeare's time. All grammar students would have known the Greeks and Romans, memorizing the speeches from that day, and learning all the rhetorical devices.

It is this knowledge that Shakespeare used in his plays! In fact, in Elizabethan England, as most people were illiterate, Shakespeare was not writing plays to be read, but rather to be heard—people went to listen to one of his plays—that's how compelling the writing was, you didn't even need to watch the action (though of course it helped)!

You'll be working with and learning from some of Shakespeare's most famous plays, including Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, and King Lear.

Even if you've never enjoyed (or understood) Shakespeare, this will be different; you'll discover what he is saying by learning HOW to say it!

These are the techniques that master actors, speakers, and presenters all understand and use—now you can learn them, too!

We can talk about:
  • how to use your voice to hold your listener's attention
  • making transitions
  • compare and contrast (thesis/antithesis, juxtaposition)
  • repetition of words and themes
  • hard stops and caesura pauses
  • up and down-endings, and circumflexion
  • the musicality of your voice

We can also cover vocal warm-ups, to get your instrument sounding fantastic!

About the sessions:
  • All this work can be done over the phone, so you can be located ANYWHERE. :)
  • Each session includes a 60-minute phone call and email support.

About Your Coach, Nathan Agin

Trained at the University of Southern California in Theatre, I continued my studies after college with the Antaeus Company in Los Angeles, a classical company specializing in Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Shaw.

I've performed in many productions and readings, including Richard III, Troilus and Cressida, King Lear, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Twelfth Night, Coriolanus, Cymbeline, The Merchant of Venice, The Winter's Tale and main roles I have performed in production include Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), Proteus (Two Gentlemen of Verona), and The Duke (Measure for Measure).

as Oswald in King Lear (far right)

My teachers have included the following—all are Shakespearean scholars and actors:
  • Dakin Matthews
    • special Drama Desk Award for his adaptation of Henry IV parts I and II at Lincoln Center Theatre
    • former Artistic director of Berkeley Shakespeare Festival
    • founding member of John Houseman's The Acting Company
    • professor at Julliard and American Conservatory Theatre
  • Armin Shimerman
    • Studied and acted at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation's Quark
  • Gregory Itzin
    • 24's President Charles Logan, Emmy-nominated
    • Drama Desk and Tony nominations
  • Dennis Krausnick
    • founder, Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA
    • Linklater Voice Teacher

Nathan as Proteus in The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Nathan as Proteus

"...Nathan Agin mines satisfying depth from his callow, lovesick character, Proteus. The guilty self-awareness Agin displays over Proteus' betrayal of his best friend and abandoned lover, Julia, makes him unexpectedly sympathetic; rather than a heartless cad, he's a headstrong youth in the grip of infatuation he can't control."
- LA Times

"...Nathan plays with verve, agility and a way of making Shakespeare's words sound like his own...."
-Ventura County Star

Book your first session now—$45!
(includes a 60-minute phone call)