Democratic Leadership

    In this approach of leadership the leader encourages people the follwers to become part of the decision making. The leader still has full control of the group and still has the final decision but decisions and input from the team is encouraged. The leader then informs the team about the factors that could effect on them, the team and the project as a whole. This style of leadership also gives a sense of responobility to the team members. It alows the leader to draw upon how good they are and their experience of a team in order to get the best results for everyone. This also helps them develop skills within the team. The democratic approach is viewed very positively as it gains respect and ot can produce very good work over long periods of time. 
    This style of leadership isnt used very much within the public services, this is because the democratic leadership stlye takes time to discuss everything and public services may not always have the time to do this. This is very time-comsuming and the public services has to make sure that all the team members are safe and not harmed wherever possible.