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Defer a portion of the highest paid administrative salaries in public agencies before cutting worker jobs and services.

A Public Pivot manages limited shortfalls in public budgets without staff layoffs, service disruptions, or added costs of senior level administrative spending additional resources planning and defending such disruptions and layoffs.  The basic idea is to introduce ways to scale back senior administrative pay when times are lean to balance the increases that have been made when the economy is good, agencies are expanding, and there is competition for talent even within the public sector. 

This web site also serves as a point of reference for other ideas and observations on how to position public service for its best contributions to the general welfare.  This site is dedicated to a strong public sector.   To get there, we need to pay attention to multiple voices, size things up, and help to shape new ideas that advance our communities, our well being, our opportunities. 

Here is a brief white paper on the Public Pivot. 
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