Okay let me start off by saying that I am so blessed to have had the privilege to play with these wonderful ladies. It has been so unbelievable how close we have gotten in the past few months and I would not have wanted to spend my first club experience with any other team. We have a bond so close that I don't think we can ever break even if we tried. Going into this I wasn't so sure about it. I didn't know anyone at all, but it didn't matter because once I met these girls they made me feel right at home. All the memories we have all shared are so unforgettable and I wouldn't have wanted to share them with anyone else. Everything about this team is unbelievable. The way we all pick each other up when we are down is just amazing. There is so much talent and passion on this team and it shows! Getting compliments from other coaches and players about how close we are on and off the court and how they can tell that we care about each other or any other compliment that we got down the road was really just an incredible feeling. As this season is coming to a very fast end I would just like to say how proud I am of each one of them, we have come so far as a team and as individuals. It is heartbreaking to say goodbye but I know that we all will cross paths a ton considering how close we have became. I love each and every one of these girls. You ladies have had such a remarkable impact on my life! I will never forget 'Black Magic 16 Roush' 


Favorite Match:  With the 14s when i guest played and we came back in the final match of 3 and won  the sliver backet in Troy.

 Favorite Tournament:  Otterbein because the 13s went to the gold bracket with Amber

Favorite Memory:  my one and only block when i was at the tournament in Mason.

Least Favorite Memory:  When Kellie Jo got her concussion and had to go the hospital.

Favorite quote from the coach:  "Chip and Dale"

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did:  i cant think of a favorite or funny memory of my teamates right now.


Favorite Match: The one where I got like ten blocks at Wittenburg 

Favorite tournament: Wittenburg

Favorite Memory: Getting like ten blocks in one match or being team photographer when I was hurt

Least Favorite Memory: getting hurt

Favorite quote from the coach: Pull your head out of your butt

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did: too many funny silly teammates to name just one


Favorite tournament: Marion

Favorite Memory:  Crying after regionals

Least Favorite Memory:  Losing in tournament at regionals

Favorite quote from the coach:  Always stay a sweet kid

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did:  When baylee wiped her nose booger on the wall and it was still there weeks later


Favorite Match:    Troy

Favorite tournament:   Troy

Favorite Memory:  When I stood up to expectations.

Least Favorite Memory:  Missing my serve at Regionals

Favorite quote from the coach:  Smell the blood; taste the blood; go for the kill

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did: Gabby jumping over the ball that was out.


Favorite Match:  At Regional’s during one of our matches I had about 6 back row attacks and several digs!!

Favorite Tournament:  President’s Cup without a doubt! This was one of the first times our team really “gelled” together.

Favorite Memory:  Every time we had a break during pool play, we would just all sit and have the most serious, or random, or funniest 


Least Favorite Memory:  Without a doubt, busting my head open, but even then I was OK because my whole team and coaches made me 

feel so much better.  I think the team was more worried than I was!! Also, Riley severely spraining her ankle was one of my least favorite.  

We really missed her, but again, our team and coaches rallied around Riley to help her pull through and have a speedy recovery!

Favorite/Funniest Thing a Teammate did:  Everything we did was hilarious!   But, my two favorite memories were Sarah yelling,

 “Magic on 1!” Also, Taylor exemplary agility when dodging a grandma while going for a ball!


Favorite Match: the 15's finals !

Favorite tournament:   Regionals

 Favorite Memory:  Winning 1st place with the 15's & our 16's sleepover-  Making so many friends !

 Least Favorite Memory:  The end of the banquet , I didnt want the season to end !

Favorite quote from the coach:   to many to remember...

 Favorite or funny thing a teammate did:  Everything Claudia did, she's so funnyj


My favorite match was the match at Otterbein that qualified the team for gold bracket.  I had a tip that returned service to us for the win. 

My favorite tournament was Otterbein because we qualified for the gold bracket. 

My favorite memory was the team hugging me after my tip at Otterbein. It was a great bonding moment. 

My least favorite memory was getting hit by a ball hit by Sarah. 

My favorite quote is "Aim high and swing hard."  

My favorite thing was singing silly songs with Natalie at Regionals. 


Favorite match: The match in our first tournament 

Favorite tournament: Regionals.

Favorite memory: When I spiked the ball over the net on my knees.

Least favorite memory: Slamming my face into the court...

Funny thing a teammate did: Hannah Wourms danced when she got an ace. 


Favorite Match: At Sidney (tournament we lost every game) where we came back in the second game and almost upset the top team!

Favorite tournament: Regionals!!

Favorite Memory: Laying on the ground with Em Doll and being tucked in by Sarah :) or dinner at Ralphies in Marion!

Least favorite memory: Throwing up at Marion :/

Favorite quote: "Open your hand!" -Mike

First practice(s) when Emily Doll sang Pitch Perfect songs 


Favorite Tournament: Regionals

Favorite Memory: team sleepover or team outing to johnny rocket's

Funny Memory: either Claudia running crotch-first into a pole or Lorie refusing to scream mine during truth or dare at the sleepover


Favorite Match: can’t think of one!

Favorite tournament:  Presidents cup   

Favorite Memory: When the whole team was at bob Evan’s and the waitress wasn’t happy and we made a joke about getting a box. So we would always say “Can I get a box.” OR serving ten serves in a row, that was pretty cool also.

Least Favorite Memory: Twisting my ankle at practice. Scariest moment of my life for sure.

Favorite quote from the coach: “Don’t play not to lose, play to win”

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did:  When my teammate line judged to the extreme and over exaggerated every move. I literally cried from laughter


Favorite Match- Otterbein when I went on a serving spree.

Favorite Tournament- Otterbein- we went gold and everyone was happy

Favorite Memory- When Molly tripped over a line on the floor.

Least Favorite Moment - Whenever I missed a serve.  I knew I had let the team down.


Favorite Match: Our first win at President's Cup

Favorite Tournament: Regionals!

Favorite Memory: Our "SASSY" playing that got us silver at regionals

Least Favorite Memory: Chipping my tooth during two touch at practice

Favorite Quote From The Coach:

    Amber - "Alright LeBron this is volleyball not basketball."

    Me - "Actually I prefer Kobe:)"

    Amber - "Well you look more like Shaq!"

Funny Thing A Teammate Did: Bailey falling on her butt during warm-up at a tournament.


Favorite Match: The match we played before the finals at regionals. It was a hard a game but we won and played great!

Favorite tournament: Regionals! We played so well and it was the last time I played with the seniors.

Favorite Memory: Just playing with all of these amazing girls and getting 2nd place in gold at regionals!

Least Favorite Memory: Realizing it was the last time I was ever going to play with half of my team, because they were seniors. I had a blast playing with them but that last time was so sad.

Favorite quote from the coach: SASSY! -Missy

Favorite or funny thing a teammate did:  When Sydney and Ally danced on the sidelines! Also my sister Emily in general always made me laugh.