The Public History Career Resource (PHCR), a collaborative bibliography project launched by public history students at the University of New Orleans, seeks to connect public history professionals, students, and newcomers to traditional and online public history resources.

The PHCR began as a class assignment for Dr. Michael Mizell-Nelson's Fall 2011 “Introduction to Public History” graduate-level course, but it soon developed into a broader project.
  Utilizing the open-source citation management tool Zotero, group members collect resources concerning multiple aspects of public history, including: careers, education (via NCPH’s graduate and undergraduate portals), methods, tools, and print and digital media.  Scholarly articles, blogs and listservs are also part of the material presented. The PHCR hopes to develop into an evolving reference portal.  We hope that the resource encourages interested individuals to pursue further educational opportunities, explore career possibilities, and more easily discover the online conversations and debates taking place via blogs and listservs. The resource will be published on the web in 2012 using Zotpress, a Word Press plugin.

This project is inspired in large part by UNO involvement with the New Orleans Research Collaborative http://www.nolareserach.orgLed by Emory University's Leslie Harris and Connie Moon Sehat, the collaborative involves UNO faculty and students and scholars throughout the world in creating an online resource for the study of New Orleans.

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