Understanding tuna fisheries' effects on pelagic ecosystem processes, structure and stability

Click HERE for a pdf of a presentation on the "Ecosystem Based Governance of Bycatch and Collateral Effects of Pelagic Longline Fisheries" from an IUCN October 2013 workshop.

October 2012 keynote presentation for the Mitigation Techniques Thematic Session of the 
Scientific Symposium - Mitigating Impacts of Fishing on Pelagic Ecosystems: Towards Ecosystem Based Management of Tuna Fisheries (EBFMtuna)
Montpellier, France, October 2012

Click HERE for a pdf of the presentation and HERE for the Symposium website

And, click HERE for a pdf of a presentation on "Progress by Regional Fisheries Management Organizations in Transitioning to Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management", from the Stanford University May 2013 Emerging Perspectives Symposium on the Law, Science and Policy of Dynamic Marine Conservation (http://blogs.law.stanford.edu/dynamic-ocean/).