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Graffiti Alley

Title: Infinite Possibilities (original)

Artist: Katherine Tombeau Cost (original)

Date: 1999

Location: Alley on East Liberty Street and Maynard Street, next to the Michigan Theater Map It!

Background: This space was originally a mural created by artist Katherine Cost in 1999, titled “Infinite Possibilities.” Commissioned by the city of Ann Arbor, Cost spent nearly 5 months to create the 5,000 square foot mural. A few years’ later, large portions of Cost’s mural were painted over in stark white. Now the alley is a haven for artists and expressionists alike, completely covered in graffiti of all sorts with minimal remains of the original mural visible.

Why You’ll Love It: Take a look down the alley and you’ll find that the graffiti spans not just one long corridor, but also the narrow spaces behind East Liberty stores. If you’re in the mood to scour the designs, try searching for remnants of Katherine Cost’s original mural and piecing them together (hint: it

includes flowers and large gray columns). Or just take a step back and admire the smattering of vibrant colors on the walls and how they all coalesce in creating the unique essence of the alley. Hey, you might even stumble upon your own initials furiously scribbled on the wall.