PubG Mods Mobile - The latest working version of PubG mods for mobile Cheats 2019

Instructions( must read to get points and mods )

How to get the PUBG Mods  for unlimited battle points and uc:

Go to our PUBG Mods Mobile and battle points mods cheat  website On your Mobile device goto mobile device or tablet only,  enter your username, how many battle points & uc you want for today then hit next choose a server , to eliminate robots you must pass human verification  , give the server about 30-45 minutes and check your pubg account. If you didn't get the coins first time, delete the apps and try the steps over again. This special and newly released pubg mods apk work only if you do the steps the steps in a mobile device so if you have android or ios , then you are ready and will get a lot of battle points and uc.

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Details from author:

Here we are , we are sharing our first working pubg mods apk for free  so you can get unlimited amount of UC and Battle Points. In this method you need to use your Android or iOS device. Method is extremely really easy and you can get free UC and Battle Points on your Pubg  account in few seconds. Follow all the steps in this tutorial. Just tested this method about 10  times and works everytime, my account is full of UC and Battle Points. Make sure you  like and share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials like this. This method also works for PC, just keep trying until you get the pubg mod apk in your account.


About The Game and PubG Mods:

The game intensifies as the times goes on. The level of riskiness and difficulty depends upon the kind of option the player goes for. It’s not all about shooting relentlessly, which makes it not a very hard game to play. You won’t need to watch multiple tutorials on internet to learn to play this game but it requires the player to be active and protect himself from dying. A combination of good shooting skills and well think plans is the required for the game. Right choices made at the right time are the key to success of this game. Luck is also an aspect to make you win but the role is very minor.


Being in the within your location and other objects has its own benefits; it will aid you surpass other players. The encountering another player abruptly ends. The automatic supply finder will help you get a lot of supply to survive. There are multiple features of this hack. It is also an mods tool for getting unlimited battle points and unlimited ammos from this hack. You also get to mods the teleport.  You will get a lot points, uc and weapons through this mod.

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