Point To Your Oesophagus

Unfortunately the original PTYO site was almost irretrievably lost but thanks to the WayBack Machine's archive, some of it has been recovered and this replacement site is being prepared using the new Google sites format.

PTYO stands for Point To Your Oesophagus which was a facebook campaign in 2015 which helped launch the UK Oesophagus Awareness month.

This site will provide ideas of activities to help raise awareness of the dangers of ignoring acid reflux, of Barrett's Oesophagus and of Oesophageal Cancer, particularly with relation to Oesophagus (or oesophageal cancer) awareness month - February in UK.

If you have suggestions for this reconstructed site, please email them to enquiries@BarrettsWessex.org.uk

In the meantime, take a look at the World Barrett's Day website here; BarrettsEsophagus.org

In 2012, the NHS spent £75,000 on a survey which discovered the majority of people in the UK do not know where their oesophagus is. In response to this, and as a complement to the Be Clear On Cancer campaign in February 2015 to reduce the deaths from Gastroesophageal cancers this page and campaign was created.

Barrett's Oesophagus develops as a result of frequent acid reflux (heartburn) and can be a precursor to cancer.

The 2015 Challenge was to take a photo or video of yourself (or get a friend to do it) pointing to the lower end of your oesophagus (at the base of your ribcage), or running the line from your throat to your stomach, and post it on Facebook or Twitter and nominate two or three friends or contacts to do likewise.

February is now recognised as Oesophagus Awareness month when the PTYO t-shirt may be worn to raise awareness.

Action Against Heartburn is the umbrella organisation for charities promoting earlier diagnosis of oesophageal cancer

Barrett's Wessex is the largest support charity for patients with Barrett's Oesophagus - covering Wessex and with affiliated branches further afield.

Working to Prevent Cancer of the Gullet

Barretts Oesophagus UK maintains the UK Barrett's Registry, invaluable for researchers.

Barrett's UK is a directory to all support groups and information specifically for Barrett's Oesophagus

Heartburn Cancer UK offers support and information to sufferers of heartburn, Barrett's and cancer of the oesophagus.

Cancer Research UK pioneers research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

The Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce aims to double the survivability of the six least survivable cancers by 2029.

Guts UK is committed to fighting all digestive disorders.