Raise Awareness

If we are to reduce deaths to oesophageal cancer, we need to raise awareness of the risks of persistent reflux of acid and of Barrett's Oesophagus as a consequence of persistent acid reflux and a potential pre-cursor to the cancer.

Can you help to spread the word?

February is Oesophagus Awareness month. (#OAware)

Can you display a poster?

More posters may be found on the Barrett's Wessex website.

Is there a community noticeboard near you where one may be displayed?

Can you distribute leaflets?


Other leaflets may be found on the Barrett's Wessex website.

You may be able to get your local pharmacy, doctor's surgery or clinic to take some?

Can you host a tea party or a coffee morning?

Just let people know about heartburn and it's possible (preventable) progression to cancer.

If you wish to raise funds at the same time, we can lend you collection cans or buckets.

Can you wear a T-shirt?

Go to the T-shirts page.

Shirts can spread the message loudly and clearly.

(Other shirts available and we can even provide one-off special shirts.)

Can you tell your story?


We all have a story to tell.

Do you have Barrett's?

What led you to being diagnosed? Could it possibly make a news story? We can help you prepare a press release.

Even if it doesn't make the papers, stories are always wanted for websites and forums.

If you make any posts on social media regarding oesophagus awareness month,

add the hashtags: #OAware and / or #PTYO as appropriate.

Some posters and leaflets are downloadable below.

If you would like printed copies, please contact enquiries@BarrettsWessex.org.uk with your requirements.