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posted Jul 25, 2016, 12:51 AM by Mark Wolff   [ updated Jul 25, 2016, 3:05 AM ]

PT Unified Trade is an international payment processor based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  They provide payment and clearing solutions for a wide range of clientele, including companies in the financial, insurance and travel industries.  Their risk management department is highly focused on fraud prevention and net security and employs cutting edge technology to safeguard its own system, and to advise clients on the safety of their own systems.


Obviously PT Unified Trade cannot disclose everything without making it easier for cyber crooks, but we can present an overview.  Cyber security is coordinated throughout the entire PT Unified Trade system and makes use of the latest in adaptive security architecture.  In addition to state-of –the-art firewalls, complex systems are in place to identify active penetration of the firewall in real time, analyze the invasion from both within and outside of the firewall, and take computerized automated steps to strengthen the cyber security system and protect from future attacks.  The payment processing industry is particularly vulnerable and all responsible companies are using the best and newest cyber security protocols available – some of which are not even on the market yet.

White hat hackers, also known as penetration testers, are employed periodically to test our security systems.  PT Unified Trade hires people locally in Jakarta and also from various locations around the globe.  These hackers use tricks of their trade to identify weaknesses in the security system so they can be patched before their black hatted associates surface to exploit them.  Other companies that have acknowledge hiring ethical hackers to penetrate their systems include Barclays Bank, Pinterest, Google and Western Union.  Tools used by these elusive characters include amusingly-named programs such as Cain and Abel, Burp Suite Spider, John the Ripper and Wire Shark. 



As part of PT Unified Trade’s Risk Management Assessment, we review clients’ cyber security systems and protocols.  There are certain basics that are free or very low cost that clients are advised to implement immediately:

1.      Change passwords – but not too often.  Every 6 months is enough. It’s more important to make them longer and complex, and when people are forced to change those more frequently they put less original thought into them and make them too simple.

2.      Take care with phone apps.  Many are able to link to your computer and access your data. Specifically, don’t play Pokémon Go.  Aside from the fact that you will look like a fool, the technology behind the Nintendo App was developed by a company with ties to Google and the U.S. National Security Agency to collect data and photos. The App is banned in Indonesia but metropolitan gamers in Jakarta are so far ignoring the fatwa.

3.      Invest in cutting edge cyber security software.  Reassess your provider annually.  PT Unified Trade is constantly reviewing cyber security advisors for its own use and has recommendations for its clients to use.  Contact the office in Jakarta for up-to-date referrals.

4.      Always set your firewall protection for automated updates.  Hackers find loopholes in outdated security software.  In addition, turn off computers when they aren’t in use, both at home and in the office.  Computers that are shut down are much harder to penetrate.

5.      Listen to your gut.  What we know of as a “gut reaction” is in fact the sum total of all the information we take in both consciously and sub-consciously.  If something feels off, it’s worth a second look, even if you don’t have an immediate concrete reason why.



For more information about IT security, global risk assessment, payment clearing and processing and any other related issues, please refer the PT Unified Trade Jakarta office.

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