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ROBO-Q Optimus Prime

Translation from the box: Artificial Intelligence World Smallest Bipedal Locomotion Robot.
My sister bought this for me from Asia as a Christmas gift. It looked very interesting to me when I opened the box and looked
at the instruction. First of all, the robot (Optimus Prime) is very small (see comparison image below) but the controller is very
big. Even the ball included looks bigger than him. The robot has two different sensors: 2 vision sensors on each side of his
eyes and 2 touch sensors on each of his hands. A rechargable battery on his back as a huge back pack. When not playing, the
robot can be stored in the controller. Below are the three features he can do.
1. Dodge mode
Theory: The robot can walk around avoiding contact with any objects. You can build a maze for him to walk around inside.
Reality: The vision sensors are only 30 degrees from the side, which means if the object is right in front of him, he cannot
avoid contact but walk straight into it. The objects have to be at least 3.5 centimeters tall. If the walking path is too narrow,
he will create his own path, which is walking straight through it.
2. Track mode
Theory: The robot will track and follow a object. You can use this technic for auto recharge.
Reality: Because of his vision sensor angles, the object has to place on the place where he can see first. When moving the
object, you cannot move too fast. Otherwise he will loose track. Same as above the object has to be at least 3.5 centimeters
tall and at most 3 centimeters away from him. Otherwise he will loose track.
3. RC mode
Theory: Use the remote control to do anything.
Reality: The remote control has to be at most 1.5 meter away from him. Otherwise you will loose control.
The biggest problem for me about him is the battery life. After fully charged for 20 to 30 minutes, it can only play around
3 to 5 minutes. So when I start having some fun, the battery is out. When I finally figure out how to make him work (or
some times not yet), the battery is out. And, if you have two or more, you can play some mini soccer game if you can finish
the game in 3 to 5 minutes. It could be a little more fun if the battery can run a little longer. Haven't showed this to my son
and daughter so don't know their reaction.
Overall: It's hard to say. He is not as smart as I think and there are some learning curves that is on me (as also described on
the instruction: you need to learn and practice how to make it work), and the battery life is really short during each play.
Otherwise this could be a fun little toy.